Tara Caetano
Tara Caetano
Women's self-connection coach.

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Hey beautiful woman,

I see you’ve found your way to my little corner of the web!

I’m not really one for wrapping my evolving, ever emerging, constantly changing self into a neat little paragraph, so I’ll keep it short and sweet, and let your heart dance with my soul through my podcast, words, 1:1 sessions, In Her Power Immersion and any other chance I have to let that deeply intimate, empowered and strong woman within you be seen in all her glory..

The basics:

I change the way my clients relate to themselves - as daughters, as women, as mothers - in the most heart-opening, honest and cathartic way.

I am training to be a birth and postpartum doula this year and I get goosebumps about it every single day. (If you’re in Perth and keen to learn more, add your email here for updates)

I’m a smitten mum to Arlo Bear and lover to my bearded best-friend. We currently live in Perth, Australia and I spend my down time having fun rekindling my love affair with dance. Expression is my life-force.

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“It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you Tara. Throughout this program I have felt 100% supported as you create and hold a sacred space where I felt safe to dive in. It is also incredibly inspiring to see you walk your talk. It's clear your passion and commitment to this work started from your own journey and it's very reassuring to know this program is something you live by and felt it was your purpose to share it with other women and mothers.”

- Carly.

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Are you a new-ish mum, maybe one, two, or even three years in, who’s feeling like you’re finally ready to start asking the deeper questions (and getting them answered)?

Like, who am I now as a Woman (and not “just” a mum)?

How do I want to do ‘life’, now that I’ve had this divine rebirth as a mother, and have children watching my every move?

What parts of me now are really me, and what parts have I just integrated as “normal” and “acceptable” for a woman and a mother? 

If so, my heart would love to hold yours for a couple of hours and help you uncover some of the truth already living within you, but just clouded by the mum brain of your matrescence!


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