When was the last time you felt so HELD , that you could truly LET GO?


Make no mistake, you’re here because a part of you knows how important your deepest needs are.

>> You crave the permission to receive and accept yourself as the woman you’ve long dreamt about.

>> You want to inhabit your body to it’s edges.

>> And you want to take back your experience as a woman and a mother in a way you’ll look back on and forever feel proud of.

But the pressure, the complexity, the inner battle to get it right and break all of the patterns, all weighs so heavily.

>> It feels like you’ve lived a lifetime of being misunderstood.

>> Your own rhythm, your own desires, your own impulses, the way YOU do things - have never truly felt like they mattered.

But they do.

They always have.

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In fact, they are the very blueprint that your strong, self healing and independent heart demands, to align with the deeply seeded and soaring power that’s alive within you.

All you’ve ever needed was for someone to truly SEE you, hold you and believe in you, when you couldn’t.

And this is the part where I come in.

The one and only advocate for your deepest truth, the protector of YOUR story, and the curator of the most delicious rite of passage you’ve ever dreamt of.


We’ve been conditioned to fiercely protect ourselves from pain, so that we’re too busy to protect what’s actually important… Our time, our energy, our goddamn humanity. Who’s fighting to protect your energy, if it’s not you? Who’s owning the sacredness of your precious time, if you’re not the one doing it? Who’s standing up for your humanness, your integrity, your empathy, your heart… if it’s not YOU? 
There are times in our life when we can’t fight for ourselves, because we’re fighting fiercely for someone else. Like when you’re 9cm dilated, hallucinating from the gas they’ve given you, and gathering every last bit of stamina you have and channeling it into bring a new human into the world. These are the moments where I will proudly fight for the energy, time and humanity you so rightfully deserve, to live and lead your soul’s legacy. 
But what about at 2pm on a Tuesday when your loved one needs you and your phone is also ringing? Or when someone fails to show for a commitment and leaves you hanging with no apology? What will you choose then? Will you choose to nurse all the ways you’re frustrated and ‘Don’t have time for this shit’, or will you choose to nurse the time and energy that you do have that now needs to be safe guarded even more fiercely from here on in? 
Your time and energy is a commodity that requires you to call the shots.. Are you willing to give it away for free or keep selling it to the lowest bidder? Or are you going to finally own it for what it’s worth, hold it close, share it only with those who truly value it and finally let yourself taste your own nectar that everyone else wants to get their hands on, and bathe in it’s deliciousness?
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This woman is a walking embodiment of the work she teaches. She has the ability to bring a fierce firmness that allows you to face your greatest blindspots and wrap you in unconditional love, allowing you to open, surrender and melt shadows into light.
— Amber Hawken, Mindfulness Based CBT / amberhawken.com

As a dynamo doula, I take the role of birth worker and postpartum pamper queen beyond the traditional job description.

Alongside educating you, advocating for you, holding you and hearing you,

I’m also facilitating one of the most significant coming home ceremonies of your life.


Having an empowered birth and postpartum experience doesn’t just happen by chance, and believe me when I say that positive vibes and simply choosing a good care provider won’t get you there either.

Just as your ability to breathe doesn’t guarantee you an extraordinary life, your body’s innate power to birth doesn’t necessarily guarantee how it will birth.

And by how, I’m not talking about physiological or cesarean, or even whether or not you choose pain relief.

I’m talking about all the ways you will and won’t get to choose how you let go, how your humanity is respected, how your dignity is protected, how your energy is prioritised, how your heart is held.



As a doula, I curate the energy of your most embodied emergence.



I help you tap into the animal within, that howls her baby into being.

I curate the ideal environment for intimacy to wrap it’s arms around you and your family at a time you need it most.

I help you avoid the landmines of both the maternal healthcare system and the one deep in your epigenetics that spits out shame at your own human terrain.

I become that one person in the room, on the phone, across the table, and at your bedside - that has been there all along; the one constant support person through it all that is looking out for your whole family, that is both close enough to be invested in your story, and professional enough to see what’s coming around the corner.

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In our current birth climate, you have more working against you than you realise.

1 out of 3 women experience some level of birth trauma, and regardless of how much planning and research you do to curate your experience, no one is immune to the toxic birth roulette that everyday leaves women open to their rights being violated, choices being dismissed and power feeling diminished.

As your doula, I teach you how to play the game, as well as help curate an environment that keeps you and your partner focused on what really matters to you.


Whilst you tend to the inner labour of your baby and body, let me tend to who you are as a woman and everything that influences it.

The woman that will leave that birth with a maternal imprint that will last forever. The imprint that sets the stage for everything that comes next for you and your family.


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