Tara Caetano
Tara Caetano
Women's self-connection coach.


Presence + Power, redefined. Together.

There’s a daughter within you that stands between the woman you are now and the deeply present and powerful woman you’ve always known deep down. Rebirth helps you relate to her in a whole new way, so you can play with self-sabotage, create within chaos and dive deeper into your own personal power like you never have before, and watch it spread like wildfire through your life, work and family.

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“It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you Tara. Throughout this program I have felt 100% supported as you create and hold a sacred space where I felt safe to dive in. It is also incredibly inspiring to see you walk your talk. It's clear your passion and commitment to this work started from your own journey and it's very reassuring to know this program is something you live by and felt it was your purpose to share it with other women and mothers.”

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“I have received so many insights and from these, I am kinder to myself. More aware of the trauma and wounding I am passing on also, so I have a stronger desire to heal and be present as a mother, and for myself too. Unexpectedly I am also more aware of my needs (I thought I was aware but they are continuing to crystallize). This program offers a deep and grounding platform and the tools for lasting change!”

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