My name is Tara Caetano (pronounced 'K-tano').

I’m a kind voice of often inconvenient truth and unapologetically married to my personal boundaries. A friend once described me as having a masters in tough love, smuggled in a smile. I thought that summed me up pretty well!

Never afraid to tell it like it is, women trust me because I give unapologetically honest, practical advice on why they need to fiercely support themselves, and exactly how to do it.

Ensuring these everyday women know how to look after themselves and navigate life using their own vibration and personal power is really, really important to me.


Because your vibration is the ripple effect into every area of your life, and let’s face it, life has it’s challenges.

But when a woman owns her right and responsibility to be the light, raise the standard and infuse a new perspective on what lies ahead, everyone wins. An energetic imprint is left on every person you encounter, a wave of energy precedes you when you walk into the room, and suddenly everyone around you wants to do better, live better and be better.

This is the power that we have as women, charged by our ability to surrender more deeply, create wildly and think intuitively. This is the power that YOU have. I’m just here to remind you of it.

What feeds me?

  • Human connection and interaction daily with people I respect and admire. It's taken a long road down self-inflicted isolation to realise it, but it's what makes connection now so sweet.
  • Showing up, consistently, to what matters to me. Whether that's my work, a promise, a friend in need or a big bowl of veggies. Reverence redefined my DNA and I'm forever grateful.
  • Self Expression. Daily, creatively and as guided by my intuition. The mornings are golden and ripe with imprints of my essence; a pleasure I will never deny myself of.
  • Sitting in the discomfort that a new vision can birth. It feels icky, it tests my commitment and drives me to act irrationally but I secretly love that feeling of sitting at the edge of all I've ever known. The mystery, the gravity, the extremity of your human capabilities in that very moment being stretched by the millimetre by your limitless, relentless spirit. The feeling is insistent and you're awake. Hello life!
  • My teachers. Mentors. Coaches. The voices that fire out of my headphones as I work up a sweat and throw myself out into the wind. I will always be more of the student than the teacher. I never want to trek this world alone and I will never have my 'shit' so sorted that I don't continue to sit in awe at the feet of such mezmerising thought leaders. To live is to learn, and to think you can do it all alone is to miss out on a truly spirited experience.

The story behind the woman:

I grew up in Sydney, Australia as a teenager with fierce resentment for the distant gap between who I was and who I thought I should be. I spent years as the victim of my reality, convinced of my separateness and tortured by my own beliefs, and this would soon manifest into destructive relationships with food, friends, men and ultimately myself.

In 2011, I decided enough was enough and I made a promise to myself; Whatever fed my soul could stay, and whatever didn't, could walk on out of my life. And with that decision, a chain reaction of personal growth experiences and life-enriching events was set off. My eyes were opened. My heart followed suit. And my hunger for a life of fierce freedom and fulfillment went from depression and dis-belief, to deep gratitude.

Since then, I have lived on three continents, traveled to over 20 countries, met the man who showed me the meaning of love, befriended both men and women who astound and empower me on a daily basis, left a corporate business and events career, studied and worked as a health + wellness coach for women who have become inspiring friends and clients, started an online business, revolutionised my health, and more importantly... I reclaimed my own personal power. I discovered self-responsibility on a new level; Because funnily enough, our happiness rests in our own hands.

And so now, I take pride in being the voice of change, perspective and possibility for everyday women all around the world. The women who dare to challenge their own fears of connection, having a voice and outshining those around them in order to pave the way for others with their own soaring vibration.

Because what I have truly come to believe over the last 30 years is that whilst life will try to tell you otherwise, we are all so divinely connected - to ourselves, to each other and to the world at our feet. And it's up to us as human beings to take ownership of our role in this universe and lead others to do the same.