5 morning mood changers: Flip your mood from “fuck this” to fresh and fierce.

Whether you’re a sunrise seeker or a late night moon gazer, waking from your dreamy slumber and facing a new day of thrills and challenges can sometimes be a little rough going (Ok, sometimes quite rough!). When your committed to taking life by the balls and mixing your own magic for a life of freedom and fun, you’re constantly pushing the envelope and sometimes that means less sleep than usual, a bit too much screen time and a perhaps not enough happy sunshine to have you bouncing out of bed in the morning. So here are my 5 fresh morning mood changers, that always flip my mood from “fuck this” to fierce, when I need that extra pick me up:

1. Wake up smiling.

When we smile, it sends a message to our brain and breaks up any negative thought patterns that are going on. You immediately let go of some tension and you score yourself a few moments between 'mood killing mind banter' to 'lighten up and re-frame'. Sure, you may not feel so happy-chappy after a late night or before a challenging day, but trust me on this one - Fake it 'til you make it! Crack a smile in the mirror when you’re brushing your teeth, smile during meditation or only let yourself sit on the toilet with a smile on your face. If anything, over-exaggerate the smile and give yourself something to laugh at yourself about. A laugh at 6am is always a sign you’re winning at life! And don’t just keep those smiles to yourself; lifting your own mood can be just as powerful for the collective. Share your smile with a stranger when you leave the house and give someone else a glimpse into your fresh perspective. Happiness is contagious.

2. Move your ass!

My perspective on morning movement shifted big time when it wasn’t just about keeping fit anymore; but actually opening up the energy channels in my body for things like creativity, confidence, focus and intuition to flow. Yes, keeping fit is a priority to me, but even more so now that I know how it connects in with my mind and spirit, and how it is actually the fastest way for me access my inner superpowers. When I want to take on my day with laser sharp focus, I’m making sure I get those warrior sequences into my morning yoga routine. When I want to feel expansive and as though I have all the time in the world today, I’m headed outside for a hike up the hill where I can move in wide open spaces. When I want to tap into my creativity for a day of writing, I opt for some killer tunes and some free dancing in my kitchen to get my sacral chakra moving with my hips and feminine energy in full swing. (If you haven't already, check out Wabi Sabi Well's morning workouts)

3. Make your morning YOURS.

As a fierce freestyler, I’m guessing you like to go your own way; Call the shots and make life work for you. Which is why your mornings need to be yours if you want to face the rest of the day fierce. Everything shifted for me when I reclaimed my mornings. Instead of timing out everything to a tee so that I could be up, showered and out the door to get to work on the minute, I made some changes to reflect my own personal values and priorities. I want to live a life where play comes before work, and I’m not running around to someone else’s watch, so by committing to ‘going slow’ for the first part of my morning, I now find myself getting up, making my warm lemon water, taking a seat on the day bed and chilling out. Maybe get out my journal and write a gratitude list or my intention for the day, some morning pages, maybe a walk down to the beach or chat with a few #fiercefreestylers on Instagram. Whatever feels fun or free right there as soon as I wake up. Then I know that I’ve started my day on my terms, exactly how I want to, and in no rush – which gives me peace of mind that anything else can happen today and I will know I looked after myself first. As a seeker, your heart’s always in the business of what you can do and experience next, and this can begin to pull you away from presence and finding contentment in the now. Going slow first thing and finding some peace in the moment can set you up for a smooth ride towards all that you seek.

4. Let yourself be guided.

Sometimes our external world can throw us a few curve-balls and we forget how much the universe has our back. So to keep me grounded and freshen up my perspective, I turn to my oracle card deck for some insight and guidance. Using oracle cards does not have to be confusing, witchy or woo-woo; regardless of what your spiritual practice looks like, oracle cards can be a really magical way to own what’s going on for you right now and get a little nod from the universe pointing you in the right direction. Choose a card at random or give them a shuffle and see what falls out. Then use the card and it’s description as an anchor point for yourself throughout the day, knowing that you are never alone in this. Let yourself be guided, open yourself up to some words of wisdom from the universe, and observe how it changes you, both emotionally and physically. To know you are guided and supported can do wonders for your stress levels!

5. Get a little help from your fierce friends

Most mornings, my fierce besties Danielle La Porte, Caroline Myss, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Marie Forleo; all play a huge role in firing up my fierceness. Audiobooks are my favourite thing in the world! Whilst I’ll admit I don’t all that often sit down to read a book cover to cover, I will daily listen to powerhouses read their books to me in my ears during morning exercise or over my stereo at home, and there is no doubt about it; they make me feel fierce! They turn any doubt and fear that’s brewed over night into an unstoppable force that can’t wait to beam out of my body as I take on the day. I have an Audible subscription for just $15 a month and you get a free book included in that, which means I always have a new book at least once a month. Best decision I made this year for my own personal growth and development!

YOUR TURN // What does your morning routine look like? What do you do to activate your fierce focus for the day and live this life like you mean it? I'm always on the hunt for new experiences to share with fellow #fiercefreestylers!

Have a rad day babes,

T xx

Wild + FreeTara Caetano