A Fierce Freestyler's Guide to Healthy Travel

Travel has always been seated at the core of my soul’s desires; it gave me my first true life lesson in freedom, it is what allowed me to find my greatest love on the other side of the world, and it continues to be an act of coming home that my spirit adores. I’m proud to say that I’ve travelled to 32 countries in my 29 years of life and have had the opportunity to live, love, explore and adventure through some incredible cultures, landscapes and communities. I’ve met, lived with and cared for people, young and old, that have reawakened my personal definition of freedom, some of which I’ve had no other way to communicate with except with a smile and loving eyes over a shared meal. I’ve had my breathe taken away countless times by what this world begs to communicate with us, and I feel a deep sense of honour to be awakened to the power of a well-travelled life.

Whilst travel has and will always be an expansive and spirited adventure within my life, my experiences have always brought on some discomfort; and by that, I don’t mean it in terms of travel being 'outside of my comfort zone’... I mean a literal, physical discomfort within my body, as the traveller with the sensitive stomach who always seems to be surrounded by people with an iron gut. Always the one who contracts the parasite, or the food poisoning, or an upset stomach at the most inconvenient travel time - I’ve had a very entertaining history of experiences when it comes to travelling and actually feeling physically well and healthy

For many years, I didn’t have a very good understanding of my own health, body, digestion and relationship to certain food groups. This meant that travel experiences often ended up swinging between the best time of my life to a slow drawn out period of agony as I cried out for home. I had no idea how to look after myself nutritionally at home, let alone when thrown into a cultural culinary adventure, so my body suffered along with my mindset. I would get incredibly angry at myself because I was following my spirit’s yearning to explore the world, but I kept feeling as though I was being punished physically by the adventure, and I let my ego run wild with banter about how I wasn’t cut out for a life of travel, and how there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t just stomach whatever street food was put in front of me. My spirit so badly wanted to enjoy every moment, but every moment was drowned in fear of how my body might handle it.

And then came my life-changing year of health and vitality; the year I discovered self-love, nutrition and the beginnings of self-acceptance. I began to truly understand who I was, how my body worked, what nourished me and drained me, and exactly what I needed to do in order to keep my spirit well fed. I tapped into my own personal power and for the first time, I began to take some responsibility for the way in which I travelled, ate, lived and looked after myself. And it all came at the most perfect time, just before a 9 month adventure around the world with my partner. And whilst the trip wasn’t without it’s fair share of stomach grievances (I’ve since learnt the hard way about gut health - dodgy prawns in Cuba will always be a bad memory), it was the first trip where I was able to truly feed my spirit in a way I never knew possible, and learnt how to travel on my own terms - the true Fierce Freestyler way. All the same risks and possible traumatic food experiences were still there, clear as day, ready to wreak havoc on my trip - but suddenly I was equipped to navigate my way through them; both in terms of my food choices and through the power of my mindset. An incredible power couple in the art of healthy travel.


Today, for me, travel experiences (whether big or small) are no longer a battle with my own body, but instead a true adventure into the unknown, knowing full well that I am doing so in complete confidence and trust in my own body. My spirit leads the way, I am not fighting my fears of what may happen, and the process feels expansive, free and exhilarating. In fact everything that I do to feed my spirit when I am not travelling seems get amplified when I travel now, making it something that I really look forward to, instead of anxiously anticipate.

Meditation goes from being an intuitive practice to a daily indulgence.

My presence and devotion to living in the moment is amplified with extra mindfulness, gratitude and surrender.

My carry-on snacks look better than anything I’d whip up for myself on a normal day.

And all of my creature comforts are at hand ready to nurture me through any new discomfort the adventure may bring... Sweet tunes, extra inspiring podcasts and audiobooks to listen to, essential oils and beautiful teas to keep me calm and relaxed, and an extra appreciation for both rest and exercise.

Whilst this has been a really gradual learning experience for me in figuring out how I could fiercely live out my craving for adventure and travel whilst still feeding my spirit’s desire to feel good physically, I’m stoked to see that I’m not alone in this. The more I talk about my own travel experiences with other women, and discover how many of them too have suffered with the balance of travel and health, I know that this is a topic that begs for attention. Let’s face it - we strive to be healthy so we can enjoy seeking the world’s treasures, in the same way we strive to feed our spirit so we can feel good enough to chase down our dreams. To not travel because we fear disrupting all our hard work in health seems like a crime against humanity to me, which is why I was so happy when my friend Lisa shared with me her new eBook. The minute I saw it, I just knew I had to share it with YOU; with all the fierce freestylers who dare to seek the ends of the world, whilst feeling completely nourished and well fed on all levels.

And so here it is - Roaming Free; A whole food approach for travelling the world healthy, happy and gluten free.

Not just for people who are gluten free, this ebook is for all the daring wanderlusters who simply value the importance of eating real, wholesome food that nourishes you on all levels. Because let’s face it - our adventures are always going to taste a whole lot sweeter when we are feeling on top of the world!


Inside the eBook, Lisa has not only included travel-friendly recipes, expert advice, tips and resources, but I think my favourite part is her overall approach to this way of living. As she says in the book:

“Roaming free is so much more than food. It’s about adventures that light you up, connection to like-minded souls and inspired, optimistic living. It’s courageous exploration of both yourself and the world around you."

In full transparency, I have signed on to be an affiliate for Lisa’s book, simply because I adore her message and how she is trying to help the seekers of the world actually feel good on their adventures. As you know, I very rarely, if ever, promote anything like this on Feed Me and I hope that reassures you just how much I feel this resource will be of value to the wanderlusters of this community.

Speaking of you wanderlusters; I’d love to know your own personal stories when it comes to your own travel adventures and feeling good from the inside out.

Can you relate to my travel experiences?

Do you get anxious or stressed about staying healthy whilst seeking the world?

It’s my guess there will be many of us here that relate to this, so why not show people they’re not alone and let’s have a conversation about it by commenting below. We all deserve to both feel good, and seek the world until our heart’s content. Please know you’re worthy of that and more!

Big love,

Tara x

P.S. If you are interested in taking a look at Lisa’s book, you can do that right here.