A New Beginning in Receiving and Co-creation

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Next week, I start a new beginning.


A new direction that will gift myself the space to grow and unfold in bright and shiny new ways in 2015. From next week, I am over the moon to say that I will have dedicated coaching days (to support my gorgeous clients in an even more present, intentional and nurturing way) and allocated time in the calender to grow this beautiful heart-centred space, as I officially cut down my working hours outside of my business. Yep, I'm taking the leap! Going from juggling a full time job with a part-time business, to a slow and smooth transition to inspiring the seekers of the world every damn day I can! Ahh Boy, that feels good to spill across the screen! Because quite frankly, changing the world one heart at a time is a full time job that I own with all of my being and I am dedicated to doing day-in, day-out, for as long as I possibly can!


With any big decision (especially a financial one like this one has been for me), following your intuition and harnessing your faith in something greater than you, is VITAL. There is always going to be a level of uncertainty and apprehension, and a SHIT LOAD OF FEAR! Hell, I would be lying if I said I haven't had moments of trembling panic and heart palpitations just this past week at the very thought of taking this leap. But, if you are truly being guided by your heart and listening to the call to make space for something new in your life, then your actions will support your desire to receive and the universe will always deliver.


And man, am I ready to RECEIVE! I have been bombarded with signals as of late (as you may have read on my Facebook page), and the importance of being open to RECEIVING has been a message that has come through loud and clear! And as I have explored this act of 'receiving' more and more over the last week, it feels ever so aligned with my core desired feelings. For 'receiving' is noted as the essence of feminine energy, and in resisting or even feeling guilty about receiving guidance, resources or energy from outside of ourselves, we are actually blocking our flow of divine feminine energy.


Now, that's not to say that we should all sit around and flex our 'receiving' muscle, waiting for everything we have ever wanted to show up on our door step! No, that's not quite how the universe likes to play. When seeking guidance and support from the universe for our wildest hopes and dreams, it is CO-CREATION that is key.


CO-CREATION. A word that has been swimming around my head ever since I learnt what it really meant. For so long I used to place all my power in the hands of the universe and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to manifest my truest desires. Until I really came to understand the power of my intuition. You see, it’s not enough to simply desire something. It’s not enough to simply put it out there and hope for the best. What needs to happen is much bigger than that.


To begin with, we need to ensure that our desires are 100% aligned with our truth. Does it feel right in the pit of your stomach? Is your heart telling you to go this way, or is your desire fuelled by fear, other people’s opinions or guilt? The universe will always look to support us, so if what you are trying to create for yourself is not aligned with what your soul really craves, then you are going to encounter many road blocks along the way.


Then once you know your desire comes from a place of truth and authenticity, it’s time to get in the game and be a fair player. This life we get to live is not a one man show. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it takes more than just you or a higher power to bring something to life. It takes the power of co-creation. You and the universe working together. You declaring your desires, listening for direction and guidance, and then you TAKING ACTION. I feel like this is the most critical step of attracting what you want in life. Because without daringly acting on the guidance you receive, you are not only showing you have no faith in the universe, but you are also showing that you have no faith in your own abilities to embody and rise from this change.


The power of our intuition is useless if we choose not to act on it. We are the makers and the creators of our life. We have the best support team and coach already living within us, but in the same way that a coach cannot help a client who doesn’t want to take action, nor too can we be helped by the universe and our internal compass if we too do not take action.


So today I invite you to do just that. Do the inner work to uncover what you are really asking for, or perhaps assess how authentic and aligned your intentions were that you made on the new moon last week, and listen out for your CALL TO ACTION. What do you need to physically do, to invite change into your life? How can you take action to work in co-creation with the universe and bring something new to life? Perhaps you need to make some bold decisions and carve out physicial space in your life in order to receive, just as I have. Or perhaps you are being called to take your commitment to your dream to the next level by saying yes to something in your life.


Whatever it is, do so with a sense of comfort and ease, knowing that the universe will never throw you in the deep end. For as long as we vow to listen and act accordingly, no matter how strange or scary those actions may seem, the universe will always have our back, as it works with us to create a life that we could never even imagine.


Peace out,


T xx