A promise to my Pacha Mama


20140221-164620.jpg When the world is your office and a new day so often means a new country or city to dig your teeth into, there are a few nuggets of wisdom that seem to stick early on and grow wilder and stronger over time. Patience is certainly one of these. As is your willingness to trust the process and surrender to a power greater than you. Never have I had to release my grip on certainty and predictability more so than during this trip.


And whilst I can also say my travelling days have made me more grateful, spiritual and curious, it is my ever growing love and appreciation for our earth that has bloomed in full force and had the most profound effect on me.




Pacha Mama. Mother Earth. Mother nature. Our life force. The physical, yet ever spiritual, home that we reside in. And it's overwhelming beauty!


Of all the places I have been fortunate enough to visit over the last nine months, it is the natural wonders that have bowled me over time and time again. Cities don't stand a chance. When you leave the familiarity of home to explore the world, mother nature really does put on the finest show. From snow capped peaks and glacier lakes, to sand dunes that run for miles, natural landscapes that surpass the wildest of imaginations are put before you and you can't help but be in awe.




As you stare with admiration and desperately try to capture the image in front of you in your memory for years to come, a sense of healing is bestowed upon you. A calmness. Serenity. A feeling of ease, as you surrender to the magic before you and a deep appreciation for life, earth and it`s beauty burns through your veins.


It almost doesn't feel real.


Her stunning curves. Warm glow, and cool breath. Pure elegance combined with sheer strength.


And as you pause and immerse yourself in her grace and heart, you feel it. That connection. Oneness. Purpose. A sense of belonging. Home.




And as you marvel at the world's wonders, your heart grows. And your desire to continue marvelling at the world's wanders forever more, grows. You recognise her fragile nature, her vulnerabilities and weaknesses and feel drawn to her side, heart set on being her support and anchor. As with any great love, you strive to protect her, keep her from harm and cherish her so that she may forever bless others with her grace.




And so with that, I make a promise. To never take for granted the masterpiece within which I reside, and to forever work towards conserving every bit of her unique beauty and heart. Memories may fade and stories may grow old, but my love for Pacha Mama will remain true.


Our world is precious and never has there been a time when it needed your love and heart more. We must always strive to protect our land. From the disastrous actions of our own kind. Be it getting involved with local community clean up projects, or protesting against government initiatives, there is always a way you can show your love and appreciation.




How do you show your love for our sacred home? I`d love to hear from you down below!


Big love x