Why being busy ain't so bad-ass after all


When I first read Cassie Mendoza-Jones’ post, "Are you addicted to being busy" a couple of months ago, it was like someone had shoved a mirror in front of my face. I had come face to face with a very dirty habit of mine, that I only just realized I had. The part of me I had been hiding in the shadows was now under the spotlight and there was no way of going back.


I sat there and said out loud – “Oh shit, I'm totally addicted”.


Now I know some of you might be thinking that this isn’t a very surprising revelation for the average person, especially in this day in age where we have so much going on and so many things we want to achieve. But in my case, I actually didn’t realize how bad I was.


You see, I'm addicted to being super busy. Like - have 2 jobs, write for my blog, be enrolled in two courses, volunteer, and move interstate all at the one time – kinda busy. Crazy right? Who in their right mind would throw themselves into the fire like that and expect to come out the other end glowing and successful?! Certainly not an inspirational health and lifestyle coach – if you get what I'm saying!


So Im taking my own advice, stripping my life butt naked and bare, and quitting spreading myself thin over an array of responsibilities and commitments, so I can savour the ones that mean the most to me.


But what got me into this mess in the first place? Well you see, I have this deep ingrained belief that if I am super busy/full steam ahead/going at 110% all the time, then I must be achieving something great. In all the craziness, I must be getting one step closer to achieving my goals and I certainly must be moving forward in the right direction. My ego is at full tilt, and in taking a bite out of each and every pie, I’m feeling utterly stuffed and my brain is convinced into thinking it's well fed and nourished.


But my heart knows better – as it always does. Its like reading a sentence from every book in the library. And assuming it's going to make you more knowledgeable. When in actual fact, you have just overwhelmed and confused yourself, as well as wasted a whole lot of time that could have otherwise been spent immersing yourself into one life enriching, soul nourishing piece of work.


So it's time to slow down. Take the reigns, assess what is and isn’t truly serving me and creating some god damn space. Some fresh, crisp, white space.


The issue here: I get a huge kick out of filling my calender. To the brim. The organized-freak/event coordinator/corporate personal assistant in me loves nothing more than staring at a perfect tetris-like block of coloured events seamlessly working alongside each other. And to hell with it - I even admit to occasionally slotting in random 15min buffer times just to make my calender look extra full and complete! And whilst this is all well and good for a corporate executive's diary with meetings coming out of his ears, what the hell is it doing in the life of a health coach who thrives off intuition, living in the present moment and self care???


Yep, something has to change here.


So, heres the question -

How do we surpass this notion that the less white space and free time we have, the more important and "super-woman-esque" we feel?

How in the hell do we get over this madness, and create a stress free, spacious, ‘lots of white space’ life that we know feeds us, whilst still feeling successful, driven and always moving forward towards our dreams?


Cassie writes in her post: Being un-busy is a conscious choice.

Amen to that.


In order to create space, we need to choose space.

In order to create more me-time, we need to choose more me time.

In order to feel at ease, we need to choose to feel at ease.


How liberating is that?! That the power resides in us (hello superwoman!). That we have the ability to choose. As a recovering control freak, this sounds bloody fantastic to me!


We need space in our life for joy to cultivate.

For thoughts to brew.

For our hearts to sweat, stew and embody their full flavour.


We need space for those impromptu catch ups, those spontaneous road trips, and those heart felt moments. And in order to experience them, we need to declare our intention to create more space. We need to say no to those extra commitments that aren’t 100% aligned to where we are at right now. It doesn’t matter that it ‘might’ relate to something you ‘may’ want to do in the future. Or that everybody else is doing it – Fuck FOMO right off!


Space is the key to creativity.

The breeding ground of fun, play, & magic in all its glory.

Space is where it’s at.


Feel guilty at the thought of not utilizing every spare minute of the day, and making every second count in the most productive way? I totally feel ya! And it is for that exact reason that you need to do this. We have been programmed to think that being busy = success = we are worthy/loved. And this is utter bull shit. You know better than that!


Make the decision to work smarter, not harder. Choose to spend time on the things that mean the most to you, and leave space for inspiration and connection to flow through your life with ease.


Who is with me? As I open up my calender and hit delete on everything that isn’t truly serving me and how I want to feel, I’d love for you to do the same and see the sparks begin to fly as you open yourself up to more magic. Being busy is stale, restrictive and stressful – let's together commit to spaciousness, flow and ease in everything that we do.


Big love xx


Image source: Pinterest