Let your heart dictate your calender: A trip to Wallaman Falls


As I've dived back into full time work over the last couple of weeks, things have been a whole lot busier and scheduling in downtime, exercise, study and health coaching has become even more important. I love what I do and I love keeping busy with several different things that inspire me in their own unique way, but I also thrive on adventure and spontaneity which is why I dedicate a day every week to feeding my spirit and honouring the explorer inside me. And Monday was one of those days. A magic Monday in fact, as my man and I jumped in the car, picked a random destination and drove.


This week's adventure: Wallaman Falls. The tallest single drop waterfall in Oz, just 2-2.5 hours north of my home, with a 2km trail down into the gorge that transported me back into the rainforests of Costa Rica! It was so stunning! The day was complete with switchbacks, glowing rainbows at the base of the waterfall, picnic lunches and dreamy forest-fairy backdrops. Not too shabby for a Monday!













Do you consciously choose adventure in your life?


Do you make the most of the time you have to feed your spirit and do the things that light you up?


We all have the same number of hours in the week, and how we choose to spend them is exactly that - a choice. If whirlwind adventures and spontaneous road trips light that fire in your belly and make you feel like you're really living... then choose adventure.


Demand adventure.


Let go of the things that aren't serving you and let your heart dictate your calendar.


Tell me peeps, What is one thing you can introduce into your schedule this week, that will light you up? I want to hear about it - so share it with me below. I cant wait to see what lifts you higher and helps you soar!


Big love as always,

T xx


P.S. Thank you in advance for hitting 'share' and spreading the love - your support means the world to me!