Are your dreams for tomorrow stealing your today?

today Are your dreams for tomorrow stealing your today?

My response? Yes, guilty as charged. Or at least I was until a week ago.

Let me explain.


My job and my passion is to help others dream big. I’m a pro at helping you to remember that anything is possible, and that there are endless opportunities waiting for you around that corner, should you choose to get your ass into gear and make shit happen.  I help daring individuals bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, i.e. their present and their future. And so you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that I too help myself through this very journey on a daily basis.


My dreams are always front and centre in my mind and I’ve soaked up every manifesting tool in the book. I live and breathe my dreams and you never need to convince me that they will eventuate – I will be the first to tell you that. But just recently I caught myself out on a somewhat confronting and eye-opening detour.


I found myself abstaining from things that I love and that make me happy – simply because they were not directly related to my specific dream. I’m talking small scale stuff here like reading a fiction book or sitting down to paint for half an hour; itty-bitty tasks that may not change my life, but will certainly make my day. And instead I found myself buried under a pile of ‘shoulds’, expectations, and self-imposed pressure. As though I had done such a good job at convincing myself that these dreams were going to eventuate, that I was no longer able to see anything else. My stare so fixated on what was to come that I had failed to notice my loosening grip on what was and what is the only part of life I will ever have access to. The present moment.


And suddenly, I felt completely robbed. Like a con artist had tricked me and lured me into a fantasy world whilst he stole my most prized possessions. I felt a jolt of shame, and minute of despair – as I longed for all the time I had most likely missed whilst dreaming about a time yet to come. And I realised that there was only one way I could ever truly escape this spiralling future-tripping saga.




Acceptance of the fact that whilst my dreams may guide my life, my reality IS my life.


Acceptance of the fact that my dreams are there to enhance my life, not distract me from it.


Acceptance of the fact that I am whole, complete and perfect with or without my dreams.



So I wanted to throw it over to you today and encourage you to explore for yourself –


Is the dreamer in you stealing you away from today?


Do you value tomorrow more that you do today?


Are you using your dreams to distract you from your present?


Because today is all we will ever have, and without complete and utter presence, we will never know what it means to fully achieve and live out our dreams. Because the life you live today, is the dream of yesterday. And you are doing your life a huge disservice if you choose not to live it with every cell in your body.


So I invite you to bring your focus back to the present today, and splash it with gratitude. Make time for the things that make you happy today, not just the ones that will make you happy tomorrow. For tomorrow requires you to be the very best version of you that you can be, and that begins with right now.


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Much love babes!

t x