6 things to know before you chase your dreams



I’m in the business of making dreams come true. One step at a time, I help women turn their dreams into a reality. And whilst it can be portrayed on the outside that to chase your dreams would be the ultimate fairy-tale, there are a few home truths that I share with my coaching clients that any wild-hearted dreamer should know when entering into a marriage with her wildest dreams:

1. Yes, you can live your dream. But you must learn to live first.

Whilst everyone I know has a dream of some magnitude living inside of them, very few get the balance of power right between living their dream and living their life. This week I faced a rather confronting reality. In being an active participant in the creation of my dream, I had become a spectator of my current reality and the life I lead today. Whilst I adore my work and believe it is my purpose to help women live their dreams in a number of ways, I had been so heavily immersed in the layers of this dream that I had forgotten who I was without it. Without the 'coach' hat and without the uniform for world domination - Who am I? What do I love doing? What makes me laugh? What does it mean to me to live? What else feeds me – right here in the present moment? My self-care had been slowly slipping unnoticed as I so passionately helped clients observe their own, and life began to feel rather stuffy and suffocating. My go-to vices that help me to LIVE now, were being crowded out by the dreams that I desire to make happen for the future. As always, NOW must always triumph – so more dance, live music, painting, Spanish lessons and play have been rightfully moved upward in my list of priorities and now happily create a balance of power. And it feels GOOD!

2. Your dreams will involve (a LOT of) hard work. Regardless of how destined you are to live them.

I believe I’m destined to do the work I do. But to say it all happens with flow and ease would be bullsh*t. Sometimes the words don’t dance across my page like I wish they did. Sometimes all my efforts seem to get me nowhere. Sometimes I feel like it’s all an impossible feat. Sometimes you will find yourself in your pyjamas in front of the computer at 9pm, eating homemade chocolate mousse for dinner out of a champagne flute, squeezing every last bit of all you have to give, into something you still aren’t quite sure will be well-received – but you do it anyway. Because your dream feeds you. And so you rightfully desire to return the favour.

3. When you’re faced with conflicting dreams, chase the feeling.

Sometimes our dreams can clash with one another, and we’re forced to make a pretty hard choice. Whilst my raging heart beats for another adventure and some travel this year, I also hold another dream very close to my heart to clear some debt that has been restricting my sense of freedom. Ultimately I know that regardless of the dream I choose to live out – to pack my bags or to stay put for the rest of the year and save, the common desire either way is to expand my sense of freedom. To feel free is the ultimate goal – the dreams are merely my ride there.

4. It’s OK to change your mind. In fact, you probably will. It's important to detatch from the outcome AND the process.

The dream, the journey, the fire in your belly that births the whole creation – it’s all as dynamic and susceptible to growth and change as you are. And in living with a genuine respect and commitment to personal growth and self-discovery, it’s likely that your dreams and your drive will evolve just as much as you do. What once felt like the greatest of dreams, might no longer feel like the dream you imagined once you begin to live it – but don’t lose faith. Instead, show gratitude for the opportunity to strip back another layer of your desires and dive deeper into yourself. For that itself is the greatest gift we can receive, right?

Ask yourself: What if I changed my mind tomorrow? How attached to my dream am I?

5. Your dreams may bring out the best in you – and the worst. Respect the purpose of both.

Chasing your dreams can be like shining a bright light on every insecurity and perceived flaw you did and didn’t know you had. The drive and passion to live your truth will pair you with others who too may be on a similar path, but walk with a different stride. Comparison, resentment, envy – they will all show their ugly head at some point, and may have you hanging your head in shame and guilt over emotions you are embarrassed to have. Yet each one is just another sign post in your journey, signalling what it is you desire most or need to look at within yourself. Have you every felt jealousy towards a friend who seems to be killing it at all the dreams you hold dear to your heart, only to feel horrible for feeling that way towards someone you actually respect and love? Use those emotions as your fuel and remove yourself from the feeling. Ask yourself – What does this experience have to teach me? What part of this dream is this experience showing me and signalling importance to me? Remember – without a shadow, there would be no light. Embrace your shadow-side and light-side in equal parts – they both do a helluva good job at joining forces and making you who you are!

6. It’s ok to not yet know what your dream looks like. Just know what it FEELS like.

At the end of the day, the feeling is all we are really after. Know how you want to feel, and the rest will unfold as it’s meant to. Allow yourself to dream for the sake of dreaming, and enjoy the feeling of wonder over what might be. Because if you want it to be, the act of dreaming can be just as magnificent as the outcome that follows.

TELL ME // Do any of these resonate with your own experiences and dreams? What life-changing lessons have you learnt in the creation of your own dreams? Spill the beans and help your fellow dreamy-eyed sisters out by sharing in the comments below.

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