Beginners Guide: How to start living your life by the moon.

They say what we resist is what we most need to learn. And growing up as a rigidly organised control freak prone to anxiety and a fiercely independent creator of my destiny, I had no interest what so ever in exploring moon cycles, universal law, astrology or metaphysics, or how they could serve me in my life. Hell, I didn’t even pretend to understand what they were all about. I was so head strong in believing that I had to take on this world all by myself, and this was a one-woman show. The world would often be out to get me, so I had to fight until the death to bring my dreams to life… Seriously?! I actually have a little laugh when I think back on it now..

Fast forward to the second quarter century of my existence and I realised this whole one-woman show clearly wasn’t working. And so I begun my solo expedition into myself, my existence, spirituality, personal development and self-enquiry. I began to knock down some serious walls around why I needed to control everything and I revealed some serious fears and limiting beliefs. I let go of false stories that had been dictating my life, and I finally embraced a part of me that felt safe enough to explore more feminine ways of living. Where I was worthy of feeling supported, guided and held, and no longer needed to carry such heavy burdens all on my own.

And in the true nature of self-enquiry and personal growth, I began diving deeper and deeper into an infinite well of revelations and knowledge that would see my curiosities become ignited around how this expansive and all-giving universe was actually supporting me in my life. I no longer desired to be the victim, and consciously chose to dance with the universe before me. The universe was laying out the dance floor and all I had to do was show up. And soon enough, I would be dancing wildly to the beat of my own music yet surrounded and supported by a collective energy that made me feel ALIVE.

Yes, I wanted to dance with life. I wanted life to be a wild, erotic, fun, spontaneous, joyful, freeing, enlivening dance!

And so I set out to start! I asked myself, how can I work with the universe, instead of against it? How can I open myself up to receiving the gifts of this universe and use them to amplify my existence and be the best version of me?

First came my introduction to the Law of Attraction. Then my curiosities led me to learn more about the chakras (our energy centres), astrology and my star sign, numerology, and oh so much more. But the gift that has swept up my curiosity like no other has been my intense fascination with the moon and the lunar cycles.

So, what’s so special about the moon?

We all know that the earth works in synchronicity with the sun and the moon, and that even the tides of the ocean are dictated by the lunar (moon) cycle. With each phase of this lunar cycle brings an energy, and considering that we are made up of mostly water, it is understandable that our bodies too would be affected by the energy of the moon, just as the tides are. Just as the tides wash in and out, the moon’s energy helps us keep in a state of rhythmic flow and with that we have the opportunity to understand our own energy’s cyclical nature. Beginning to understand what each phase of the lunar cycle brings has been the most intriguing learning experience for me, because whilst the inner ‘planner’ in me loves that I can play with some form of predictability, the feminine within me that longs to feel held and supported can feel at ease knowing that wherever I am and whatever I am doing, there is always a universe out there supporting me and laying out the framework for me to feel free. The universe has given me the dance floor and now all I need to do is dance!

As a woman, our connection to the moon and it’s cycles go even deeper, and even our menstrual cycles are connected with the lunar cycle (This is a whole other topic in itself - I love the way Claire Baker sums it up here). Which is why accessing and exploring the various stages of the lunar cycle can be so much more amplified and expansive when we unite with other women in sacred ritual. Earlier in the year I began the Soul Sister Creative Full Moon Circles here in Townsville, longing to plug in to this sacred time feeling connected on a whole new level, and what I have experienced has been nothing short of miraculous. Which brings me to sharing a little more about how I use the moon to support my own dance with life on a monthly basis.

The two key phases of the moon cycle that I lean into the most are the new moon and full moon. There are many phases of the moon that you can work with that I strongly encourage you to explore; to find out more on this I highly recommend visiting Ezzie Spencer’s website on Lunar Abundance and downloading her free lunar planner if you haven’t already (I’m also excited to share an interview with her in my upcoming online workshop ‘Fiercely Feminine and Free’, alongside one with Claire Baker). But for today, I’m going to start with sharing my own personal rituals on the two moon phases that play the biggest roles in my life.

New Moon

This is where it all begins. Forget your monthly calender, start planning and leading your life by the new moon months and things will immediately start to feel more in sync. I used to rely on a new calender month to initiate fresh starts and new projects, but learning about the lunar cycle has totally changed that for me. The new moon is a time to birth and create new projects and set an intention for the month ahead. Being the very start of the lunar cycle, the new moon brings an energy of fresh beginnings and we can use this time to really hone in on what we want to change in our lives.

I like to spend my time on a new moon (or on the days surrounding it) journalling, to give myself the opportunity to express whatever needs to be birthed. I set a clear intention on what I want to attract in the month ahead, I ask myself what I want to let go of and not take with me into the new lunar cycle, and I ensure I prepare for what I am trying to manifest by making space for it. This past new moon, this involved setting some new financial goals with my partner, organising my business systems to generate more ease, cleaning my home from top to bottom to de-clutter and get rid of what no longer aligned with my new intention, and I even bought us new pillows to sleep on because despite our old ones being pretty old, I wanted to start this new cycle as recharged and refreshed as possible and to me, that starts in bed.

New Moon’s are also a great time to do some vision boarding, like we have done at a New Moon Play Date before, as well as carving out some space to get creative and reconnect in with your intuition. To set clear intentions, we need to really feel them in our body. Allowing yourself to be creative, dance, make art, write or simply close your eyes in the park in nature will help you reconnect with what feels good and give you the opportunity to start the new month with the right intention.

My friend Vienda (who is also sharing her wisdom in the Fiercely Feminine and Free Online Workshop) also has a a beautiful journalling resource titled ‘New Moon. New You’ which you might find helpful for this time of the lunar cycle.

Full Moon

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say at least once that all the crazy people come out on Full Moon. That’s because the Full Moon really does play on our emotions, and can have a varied effect on people. For myself, I often feel ‘off’. I usually menstruate during this time too which adds to it, but as well as feeling extra emotional and a tad chaotic, I also feel as though my femininity is amplified. Connecting and sharing in vulnerability with other women feels sacred and peaceful, and I’ve truly enjoyed hosting full moon circles on these evenings for this very reason. I do however also feel the desire to be alone during these times. To show my self some extra self-care, and reflect on the month so far. Where am I with my intention? What have I manifested? What do I need to let go of? I love incorporating a releasing ritual into my full moon evening where I write down what I want to release and then burn it. This practice feels like I am tying up loose ends and I can continue on through the month with ease.

Remember, everyone has different experiences and it is important to figure out for yourself how you feel during the moon cycles. Map it out and experiment for yourself. You may find that you are really creative during a full moon, as your senses heighten. Or you may find that you need to be gentle, take a break and nurse your emotions a little more delicately. The best part is; it is your process. It is here to guide you and help you carve out a space for you to feel supported. It is here to help you reconnect and express your femininity. Always honour your intuition in these moments and use what you discover to enhance your experience.

This post is just a tiny slice from what is one enormous delicious (raw) cake, known as my upcoming online workshop Fiercely Feminine and Free, launching in October. An online workshop for independent women who are ready to ditch their inner ‘control freak’ and start living a life of more spontaneity, femininity and freedom.

Over to you.. Do the moon cycles evoke a sense of curiosity within you? Do you already feel the energy of the moon during these new moon and full moon periods? I'd love to know in the comments below!

T xx