Celebrating 2014 - The year of coming home

rsz_img_2881_2_3_tonemapped (1) I sit here writing this on the evening of the Gemini full moon – a perfect time for celebrating personal victories and growth I am told. And as I do, it becomes obvious to me how much resistance has come up for me in the anticipation of pressing publish on a post which is soley focused on what I have achieved in 2014.

“How 'show off' of you” my ego rants, as it tries to convince me that such a post serves no purpose other than to show off or desperately search for recognition of some kind. But I know better. And I know that it is because of this not so subtle banter that goes on in our heads that many of you too may shy away from making note of all your achievements and celebrating them with the world. And so with that, I ask that you view this post as permission to do same. Because it is not until we truly celebrate how far we have come, that we can begin to realise the true magnitude of what is possible for ourselves in the future. We are magnificent beyond our wildest beliefs and every dream we hold dear is always in our reach. As long as be believe it to be our destiny.


And so, where to begin..


2014. The year I vowed to come home. In every sense of the word. You can read about my vision and core desired feeling for 2014 in an earlier post here, as well as my very first Feed Me post ever where I declared and celebrated the year that birthed my precious online home. Both posts take me back to a state of true curiosity. And a willingness to simply lean into a world I knew nothing about in the hope that maybe I might just find some inner peace. And what do you know, inner peace was only the beginning!


In true Tara style, I want to splash this celebration of 2014 with a hefty dose of gratitude. Declaring a huge thank you to the universe for everything that it has sent my way this year. The lessons, the laughs and everything in between. Let's get this celebration started, shall we!




2014, thank you for..


.. Pushing me to new heights.

The year kicked off with one of the most physically challenging experiences of my life, that not only reconnected my soul to my physical body, but also gave me the strength and courage to really listen to my body without judgement for the first time. I hiked the Inca Trail with my love in celebration of 7 months of around the world adventures. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. A truly life changing experience, that saw us enter the new year with a gutsy, ‘grab life by the balls’, ‘I can do anything’ mentality.




.. The freedom to explore.

After conquering Cusco, another two months of travel followed, wrapping up an incredible trip across 20 countries with my love. Each individual country brought to life a new part of ourselves we never knew existed. And whilst you might think that would be enough to leave me feeling pretty content and satisfied with 2014, it was only the beginning of the extraordinary year ahead.





.. A new adventure.

Days after we landed, we packed everything we owned into the back of a ute, and drove the 2000 odd kilometres from Sydney to Townsville. No jobs lined up. No apartment. No plans, other than Shane’s university start date. And very generous and loving family members ready to welcome us with open arms. This move not only marked the beginning of a new adventure for the both of us, but really carved out the space for me to feel grounded, centred and inspired.


.. My online home.

Having officially been birthed into the world over the final days of 2013, Feed Me became my new online home in 2014. A place for me to fuel the creativity and passion for writing that I never knew existed. The sanctuary that would not only serve as the home of my thoughts and discoveries, but also the meeting place that would have me connecting with hundreds of likeminded women truly wanting to feel ‘fed’ on all levels. What Feed Me has become has totally blown my mind, and even more so knowing that this is only just the beginning!


.. My life's purpose.

This year I kicked off my year of study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Health & Lifestyle Coach. Something that now feels like I have been doing for years and years, simply because it feels so much like ‘home’.


.. The utmost pleasure of coaching some incredibly amazing women!!

Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The connections I have formed with these women, the tears that have been shed, the uncontrollable laughter, the heart warming moments – it has all been so surreal and I count my lucky stars everyday that I actually get to do this as a job! I really could not have asked for more heart-centred, open and daring women to grace my coaching schedule this year – they have all blown me away in one way or another and I finish every call with such a full heart. Absolutely blessed – there’s no other way to describe it.


.. The opportunity to speak my truth.

More recently, I had my first ever speaking gig as a health and lifestyle coach at my beautiful friend Bec’s detox workshop. This was not only totally unexpected, but so incredibly fulfilling and it has ignited such a deep craving for more face to face speaking opportunities. Watch this space – I have some big plans for 2015!


.. The opportunity to be surrounded by people who lift me up every single day.

One of my proudest achievements this year involves manifesting (like crazy) an awesome role at the best café in Townsville with the most amazing and likeminded group of people – selling food and products that 100% align with my beliefs and that nourish me on a daily basis. I still don’t know how I managed to get so lucky with this one – blows my mind!


.. The community I have always longed for.

This year I became Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted with the most supportive community I have ever laid my eyes on. Not only did this course change my blog, business and perspective – its changed my whole life! It’s allowed me to make killer friendships with women I absolutely adore resulting in hours of skype conversations with soul sisters around the world, it has helped me to meet new clients, do some pretty awesome guest interviews, and witness each and every day amazing women doing incredible things in this world. I really cannot recommend it enough!


.. The support I never felt I deserved.

Late this year, I began working with my very own coach. For me this is a biggie – actually investing my own money into supporting myself long term, so I can be the best version of myself for me and everyone around me – now that is some killer self love and Im not ashamed to say so. I can now say out loud that I love myself enough to allow others to support me, guide me and empower me on a daily basis. I am deserving of the same love, guidance and support that I so sincerely give to my very own clients. And I know that is something I would not have had the self love to do 12 months ago. I really can’t put into words at this very moment how much coaching has changed my life. One day I will be able to.. but right now, it’s all just so transformational that I’m still letting it all sink in. All I can say is, this woman is one incredible teacher!


.. And finally, for the commitment and creativity I never knew I had.

This year, I wrote (and designed) my very own ebook. Yep – I still cant believe this one. It is actually something I never even set out to do, nor think I would ever enjoy. But the whole process was so organic and fluid, as though it was out of my hands and something that I just needed to create. And I loved every single minute of it. I am so incredibly proud of it, and having received so much love and admiration from everyone who has read it has completely filled my heart.




So there we have it. A killer year if I do say so myself.


But as I write this, I feel compelled to share with you the shadow that has surrounded each beaming light mentioned above. For there can never be light without a shadow. It is easy to get swept up in the highs and forget the lows, without realising that it is actually the lows that gift the most growth and compassion. For every achievement, there have been just as many bouts of self-doubt, anxiety or sadness. Hey, I'm only human. Tears have been shed, overwhelm has been felt, and frustration has reached it's boiling point. Lessons have been learnt, and mistakes have been made. Hell, I love it when I make mistakes. I love it when I fall. Because I know that each and every time I do and the rug gets pulled out from under me, that I'm simply shedding another layer that no longer serves me in order to create new foundations that do.


So here's to forever learning, forever questioning, forever seeking new and wondrous beliefs. And practising contentment in each and every moment of that sacred journey. May 2015 be full of both sky-rocketing joy, and heart-opening challenges. May I laugh, cry and get completely lost all at the same time. May I truly feel what it means to be alive, in every sense of the word. May I cherish the good, and learn from the bad. May I be completely present for each of the universe's grand plans. And may you too experience each of these gifts with an open and willing heart.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this wrap up as much as I have loved putting it together. Thank you for always being here and allowing me and my words into your life on precious days such as this one. On December 23, Feed Me and I share a birthday - my baby turns 1 - and I am forever grateful for all the love and support that has been gifted to me over this time. The next few weeks truly are a celebration for me, and I would love for you to join in on the celebration by sharing with me in the comments a few of your own achievements for the year, so I can share in your celebration. Let your light shine bright, and show this world everything that makes you proud. We are all waiting in anticipation to congratulate you and shower you with love!


Much love,


T x