Getting face to face with your true self and finding alignment in connection

bebh I’ve had so much awesomeness floating around in my mind this last week, that when it came to actually sitting down and spilling it all out for you, it all kind of overwhelmed me, hence why it has taken me so long to jump back online and write this little bad boy for you. But with a little gentleness and understanding (and not getting mad or frustrated at myself – just pure love and patience over here!), I finally feel called to dish the dirt on what has been feeding me over the last week. And it’s a biggie, so get comfy.

Those of you who kick it with me over on Facebook or Instagram, or are a part of my rocking Feed Me Family, will know that I took a week off last week to do a bit of travel and visit friends and family interstate for a few special celebrations. And I have to start off this recap by stating –


How fucking awesome is face-to-face connection?!


Having travelled for most of the last year and now living away from many of my family and friends in a new city, most of my recent love filled interactions have either been through cyber-space or in short (but awesome) bursts of magic, that often involve a sad ‘see you next time’. And whilst this is a result of choices I have made (and would happily make again), I have rediscovered how much I value the people in my life, those I hold dear and the soul stirring magic that can only be experienced when in the company of like-minded, inspiring gems that I’m lucky enough to call my friends and soul sisters. Where I once possibly took for granted having a trusting, loving person at my fingertips, I now value and cherish each and every one of them and the time I spend with them, on a whole new out-of-this-world level.


And that basically summarises what the last week has been all about. CONNECTION.


The vibe has been second to none. Not only in simply being in others' company, but also enjoying everything about them. Enjoying everything about the time spent together. Being fully present in their company. And bleeding that moment dry of all the magic that lies within. And with all of that, I’m oh so high on love right now!


My week in a nutshell...


Precious family moments; big hugs and heart-felt words with my besties; gorgeous new friendships and inspiring chats with amazing like-minded sisters; delicious eats; and hip-hop yoga with one of my idols, Lola Berry!


Every day was a new, exciting adventure and I am so bloody grateful for each and every moment. It was the most soul-nourishing week and my head is spinning with inspiration, ideas and love.


But the magic didn’t end last week. In fact, it's still playing out before my eyes at this very moment. This week was my first week at my new job, at the new Paleo Café in Townsville. And that is a whole other gem in itself!


Do you have any idea how bloody awesome it is to get paid to spend the day interacting and working with people that actually get you? People who too get excited at the thought of making green juices all day long? People who are as curious and amazed by all the amazing health products out there, as I am? All within a place where we are encouraged to seek out new amazing supplements, super foods and health products, as well as try every delicious, nourishing, Paleo food item under the sun?! A place where we are encouraged to shine, and where health, wellness, and community are of the highest priority over everything else?!


I really could not have picked a better job or place to work, as I continue with my studies and open my mind further into the world of health and wellness. I am still in total amazement that this is even happening right now!


These past few days have barely touched the surface of the joy I feel when I am in my zone, living and breathing health & wellbeing, and am face to face with people who want to dive in as much as I do. It has hit me that I am only at the very beginning of what is sure to be an incredible, fulfilling, crazy ride and with every day that goes by, my cup is going to continue to get more and more full, overflowing with heart, inspiration and passion that I can’t wait to share!


There is a sacred type of magic that occurs inside you when you realise that your reality is finally in alignment with your true self, your hearts desires and your values.


Like the universe has received your wildest dreams and made each one come true right infront of your eyes. I feel alive. I feel I am finally immersed in all that feeds me and I can only thrive and continue to blossom from here on. I'm high on this thing called life and I'm never coming down. I thought I was pretty high to begin with, but opening my arms and welcoming and manifesting like-minded people into my life has lifted me up further, higher than my wildest dreams. At the end of each day, my eye lids are heavy, my body is like a lead weight as I lay on my pillow feeling as though I have spent every ounce of my energy in such a positive, nourishing way. I feel satisfied and content that I have lived my day to my highest potential. Filled with all the things I hold dear.


..And I never want it to end!


So with that, I wanted to ask you.. Do you feel as though your present life is in alignment with your true self? Are you rocking the job of your dreams, or still crossing your fingers hoping that someday your life with change by itself?


Open up your arms, your eyes and your thoughts to everything that aligns with your true self. And create the space for magic to take place. When we know where we want to go, it’s a hell of a lot easier to get there. Break your routine, see where that new path leads you, seek more of what lights you up and allow the universe to guide you and help you grow into the life you envision. And bloody oath, surround yourself with the people that will help you get there! Because without connection, it’s a lonely ol’ world out there.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 

- John Lennon


Big love,

T xx