Courage for the seekers: Keep going.

There’s big change at your doorstep. You’re pushing the envelope in more ways than one, and you know that once you take the leap, there’s no going back. It’s either a raging success or a flat out failure in your eyes. When you’re a seeker of this world, who dares to live out experiences that feed the soul, you’re bound to step up against a few milestones that rattle the cage. And that can set your ego off on a little rally of self-doubt..

“What if I fail?”

“What if I let someone down?”

“What if I make a mistake and f*ck it all up?”

Your usual uplifted and ‘bright-side’ personality suddenly takes a dive you didn’t see coming, and next you find yourself questioning everything. Your worth. Your self-belief. Your talents. Your determination.

But with every shadow lives a slice of light, and this bummed out perspective you’ve got going on can be lit up and up in smoke before you know it; with just one simple question.

Instead of “What could go wrong?", how about..

“What could go right?”

“I might actually live my dream.”

“I might finally find the freedom I’ve been craving so bad.”

“I might actually exceed my wildest expectations.”

“I might actually be as fucking awesome as I think I am.” (P.S. not that you need this to know you already are!)

And wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that be the very adventure and heart-opening experience your curious soul craves in the first place? Isn’t that why you’re in it to begin with?

Most people talk about the thrill of diving head first into your dreams. The bliss that comes with daring to stand outside of your comfort zone and leaning into all that scares you. But what you don’t get to see behind the Instagram quotes and inspirational posts are the behind the scenes heart palpitations. The multiple ‘fuck’s that you scream inside your head as you anticipate the huge decision you have just dived into. The teary moments when you pray so so hard that you following your dreams doesn’t let anyone you love down. The brain explosion of fear that creeps up on you the second you feel you have your shit together, to remind you of all your self doubt that you thought was left in the past. The early mornings and late nights. The fits of panic followed by self-coaching. The deep breaths, the tired eyes. The countless times you say you’re giving up; only to realise a moment later than you can’t.

Living a courageous life is not easy. And it’s not for the fainthearted. If you’re not careful, it can make you come undone. But with a fierce hunger for the freedom you deserve, a bag of tricks and questions to pull you back into positivity, and a tribe of support at your side; You will pull through. You will decide to rise from the burning pit of self-pity, and you will decide to flip the coin back over to that bright side of life. Because our hearts were not created for ordinary life adventures, fuelled by fear and ‘what if’s’. Our hearts were built to stand the tests of time.

Keep going. Keep pushing that envelope. Keep dancing with terrifying change. I will if you will.

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