Creating a new masterpiece


20140221-171129.jpg For the past two months on FEED ME, there has been a big focus on adventure. Living outside of your comfort zone, exploring new terrain and pushing your self to achieve what you never thought you could. This is largely because that is what I have been living. Wrapping up an overseas adventure of epic proportions, testing my physical and mental strength on challenging hikes and experiences, and diving deep into the cultures and lifestyles of others. Living the life of a nomad, finding the calm in the chaos in order to feel grounded and settled, if only for a day.


Now a deep shift is taking place. A shift towards nesting, constructing solid foundations and gently peeling away at my backpacker entity to allow my true self to blossom.


I tend to find peace in creation. The bloom of new beginnings. The opportunity to evolve and grow. Laying out the paint and brushes for what I envision will become a masterpiece.


And that's exactly where I am at now. I feel I have been given the set of brushes that will paint a magical future that I am ever so eager to begin.


Keeping aligned with the way I want to feel in 2014 (you can read back on that here), I have begun my journey of setting up my 'home base'. Putting into place the actions, thoughts and feelers for all that rings true with how I want to feel. And as I continue to unfold each of these truths this year, FEED ME will be my sounding board and the place I share all my insights, revelations, teachings and inspiration. Along with a lot more deliciousness, as a result of my creative juices flowing in the kitchen once again!


I'm so excited for everything I have in store for you this year! It gives me so much joy to dig in and get started on resources and posts that I just know you are going to love and benefit from. So as I embark on this new chapter, I want to thank you for reading along, sharing your insights and heart filled comments, and being apart of this tribe that longs for connection, joy and bliss in every part of their lives. Your words of encouragement keep me inspired each day.


And being that FEED ME is YOUR space - somewhere YOU can feel at home, inspired and FULL on every level - I would love to hear from you:


What do you want to see more of this year?



What aspects of FEED ME do you love and want more of?



What can I share to help you reach your core desired feelings?



Do some topics connect with you more than others?


Share with me in the comments below, or feel free to send me an email - Together lets make 2014 our best year yet!


Big love x

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