Deciding to rise: Full Moon Soul Sister Circle, Townsville



High. Alive. Creative. On Purpose. Empowered. Buoyant.


Each word embodying how I felt as I left the room last Wednesday night, after a truly magical evening with 20 women who too all desired to feel one common feeling:



And as I think back to every minute of that night and each of the subtle shifts I witnessed, the gentle smiles, the tears of relief, the deep breathes and the beautiful hugs… I know that connection is exactly what each women left with.


Last Wednesday night, my beautiful friend Bec (owner of Lighten Up NQ) and I hosted our first ever Full Moon Soul Sister Circle here in Townsville. What started out as a little idea that birthed in my living room, and had our guts churning with excitement and butterflies, was brought to life in a warm, candle-light room filled with open hearts, eager ears and sparkly eyes as we collectively felt the shift we had been desiring for oh’ so long.


The evening began with simple intentions, declarations of love and a conscious understand of why we were all here to begin with. Similarly to me, these women yearned to feel part of something bigger than them. They yearned for a safe space to voice their fears, let go of their baggage and be held with a loving embrace. Being relatively new to Townsville, being able to hold such a space was not only driven by my desire to help others, empower them and uplift them – but also my deep desire to find my own soul sisters. I’d be lying if I said that the last year hasn’t been filled with some lonely times. Many nights brought to tears over the big, giant hole in my life, that could only be filled with true face-to-face connection and the laughs and flowing conversation that only a true girlfriend can provide. And whilst for a while I tried ever so hard to just be grateful and find comfort in knowing that I already have such incredible relationships in my life all around the world, the pain continued to grow and unfold until I felt strong enough to ditch my fear of judgement and stand up here in my new home for all to see. How can my soul sisters ever find me – if I am here hiding behind my own self-doubt and fears? How can I show them that it is safe to reach out, if I myself have not deemed this space safe?


And so, with that, I chose to rise. I chose to be the messenger, the lighthouse – beaming a message far and wide that such a safe place exists and I myself am ready to bear all. I laid my vulnerabilities out on the table. I became the change I wanted to see. And I reclaimed my power back from the hands of fear.


And such, the Full Moon Soul Sister Circle was born. And as always, once we decide to rise, the universe works in co-creation to support our stance and keep us rising. My beautiful friend/partner in-crime and I joined forces and put our skills and strengths into union. We held hands in creating something that would not only support others but our own desires, and we did so with courage, trust and faith. On the day of our event, we learnt that the power to the street was going to be cut. No power, no lights, no air-con (in NQ summer!) for the duration of our evening. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t shit scared. My ego began it’s chaotic rant. But for each line of negativity that screamed through my body, my soul delivered the truth I needed to hear. That night I truly felt what it feels like to surrender to something bigger than yourself. To put your own insecurities aside, and to put all your faith into a higher power, that everything will work out just as it is meant to. I felt a wave of deep, deep surrender wash over my being – and I watched in admiration, as my internal dialogue, completely bewildered by my actions, went a little something like this:


“What is going on here? Why am I so calm? The old ‘Event Manager’ Tara would never have reacted this way! Why aren’t you freaking out Tara? Why aren’t you busy setting up plan B, C or D?! How on earth are you not freaking out right now over the fact that 20 women are about to arrive and the room is literally sweating! React Tara, get stressed, get frustrated, do something!”


Yep, my ego was having a complete meltdown, mostly because of the fact that something else was in charge that night. This wasn’t about me. The power was not mine to have. This went way above me and everyone else involved. Something else was in charge that night. Not me, not my ego, but the universe. The full moon. A higher power. Whatever you want to call it. A power greater than I, whose vision and plan for that evening was beyond anyone’s dreams or expectations. And with complete surrender, and a conscious choice to live every minute of that evening in the present moment, soaking up all the magic; the night truly did exceed anything I could have planned myself.


Lifelong connections and beautiful embraces were made within minutes. Bec led the most beautiful, symbolic, feminine yoga practice that had everyone shedding any hesitations, resistance or self-imposed limitations. And just as we settled into savasana, the universe rewarded each and every one of us with power. Actual power – as in AIR CON! Hallelujah!




The rest of the evening continued to see women let go, release their pain, invite ease, harmony and joy, and begin a new chapter. Fears, doubts, limitations, pain and suffering – were all set alight and burnt to ashes. Collective energy was channelled into new intentions, desires and dreams. And new beginnings were created, as women left the event and took their moonstones outside to go and sit under the full moon and take in it's breathtaking energy (and no, this wasn't part of the night - I can't express how amazing it was to receive photos of some of these women doing exactly this on their own accord!).


And just like that, a community was formed. An ever-growing, supportive, vibrant community that longs to make each day a new opportunity to grow and evolve. A community that decided that night that they want to kick ass at life from here on in and never look back. A community that know they have a group of women who have their back, and they will never again feel alone.


Just writing this has me in a whirlwind of emotions. And grateful just seems to be the very tip of the iceberg. I want to leave you with a few beautiful heart felt messages that I have received since last week, that only reinforce the power of community, ritual, connection and peace. For each of these values and desires are our birth right. And we will forever hold the power to bring them to life whenever we choose to rise.


"The comfort and unique-oneness created by you girls was a sensual evening of surrender, perfectly timed for me to unleash and begin to awaken a newly acquiring sense of trust."


"Tara, I just wanted to say thank you for tonight, it was truly amazing!! And thank you for getting out of your comfort zone and sharing that with all of us soul sisters!"


"On Wednesday night I burned my self doubt.... I have done more this weekend then I have done in the last 3 months! It is like something has clicked and I get it all and I just want to keep going!" 


"Tara is changng the lives of women through the most amazing, uplifting, freeing and empowering event I have ever been to - her first ever soul sisters evening. Tara created a place for likeminded women to come together, share their fears, admit their dreams and connect with others. What Tara evoked in all of us and inspired is unreal!..Give this soul sister a call! She will be the wind that parts the clouds and let's that big warm heart of yours shine for all the see."


Thank you for reading this far and allowing me to share what can only be described as a truly moving, transformational, heart opening moment of my life that I am so excited to re-live each and every opportunity I can.


P.S. Apologies in advance for the lack of photos - being truly present in the moment and being in the presence of only candlelight and some lanterns, meant for a beautiful setting that wasn't exactly photogenic! And a special mention to both Suzi from Squeezed4Time and Katey at Katey's Kombucha for delighting us with their treats and Kombucha on the night!


PPS. The next event will be held on 6 March, and I am told there are still a few tickets left. If you are a NQ babe and want to be a part of this epic community, get all the deets here and secure your spot here.




All my love,