Diving in Isla Mujeres

img_2520 Having traveled to 33 countries in my 27 years of life, to not share these magical adventures with such curious, freedom-seeking souls such as yourselves, would be a helluva crime. So I am bringing travel back to the blog today alongside a glimpse into one of my favourite things ever – diving.




The very first time I went diving was in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. A small island off Cancun, Isla Mujeres isn’t exactly a quiet get away, nor is it off the beaten track. Filled with American tourists, golf carts and over-priced tacos, it’s far from an authentic Mexican experience. But like all destinations, the beauty lies in how it touches our heart. And the white sanded beaches and the crystal clear, turquoise water of Isla Mujeres absolutely shone in my eyes. Bike rides around the island, sunrises and sunsets on the beach, boat trips out to the dive sites, an endless supply of coconuts – what’s a girl not to love!





It is my dream to one day combine my love for diving with my passion for health and limitless living, in a mind blowing retreat to satisfy the most adventurous of souls. To me, diving is the most enlightened form of meditation. My mind is absolutely clear, the only chatter being the subtle reminder to ‘breathe in, breathe out.’ Your surroundings are silent, every second of movement is light and delicate. Time escapes you and for those 50 minutes, nothing else exists. It is just you and the ocean. An ocean of wonder, delight and radiant life. A world so separate from what we know, yet so close and familiar.




During this particular time on Isla Mujeres, we ventured out to as many dive sites as possible, including the sites of Musa, Manchones 1& 2, and Atlantis. Whilst we only just missed out on Whale Shark season (oh how amazing that would have been!), we did get up close and personal with many parrot fish, spotted eagle rays, turtles, moray eels and heaps more.gopr0296-2

Not long after this adventure did we also get to live our dream of night diving in Honduras. Descending into the deep, everything pitch black except for the single streams of light coming from your torch and of those around you, and having to rely on all your other senses - now this was an out of this world experience. And then the magic began. As we all came together, we descended to the ocean floor and sat in a close formation before turning off all our torches. We all sat in complete darkness 22 metres down into the ocean, hearts pounding with excitement and wonder (and I'll admit, a teeny-weeny bit of fear!). And then it began - the coral around us spawning and flickers of beautiful coloured lights danced around us in such magical wonder, as the coral released thousands of tiny cells. Your heart swells and you sit in awe, almost forgetting that you are sitting at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of the night. I only wish I had a photo of it for you - but it is just something you will have to see for yourself (or you could cheat and google 'coral spawning'!).


Diving adds a whole new dimension to life as you know it. It wraps you in a blanket of wonder, and unlocks a new level of curiousity within you. To me, it is the closest thing on earth to being in space, and it shifts your perspective on life in the deepest way. Gratitude overwhelms you. Appreciation surges through you. And you discover a new found purpose in life. That being, to simply be. Live in peace with deep respect for the magic that surrounds you, and never underestimate the depths of mother nature’s beauty.




Your turn beautiful – what makes you feel alive? Or perhaps ‘where’ makes you feel most alive? Does the magic of the ocean set your heart on fire?


Big love xx