Don't give up.

dontgiveup Sometimes it can take just one negative comment or challenge to fog up our view and have us doubting our every move. Just one setback or perceived failure to leave us questioning the dream that has previously inspired our every move. For a generation that can pump #inspo like nobody’s businesses, there are still a fair few who are quick to tear down, ridicule and act in disbelief, riddled with the perception that #livingthedream is reserved for a selected ‘lucky few’ in this world. Often a selected ‘lucky few’ that self-stated doesn’t include them, so can’t possibly include you.

I call bullshit on that twice over.

First up, ‘luck’ has nothing to do with it. Anyone that has ever successfully brought their dream to life will attest to that. Resilience, self-empowerment and hard work – now that’s more like it.

Secondly, that ‘selected few’ can kiss my ass. Everyone on this planet has the potential to live his or her dream. I passionately believe that with every inch of my being. Simultaneously, I also believe that dreams can change. And with self-exploration and a practice of strengthening one’s relationship to self, sometimes what we once perceived as our dream can suddenly feel outshone by a passion and purpose we never knew existed.

Our experience of being a spirit here on this planet has unlimited possibilities. For each fragment of light, there is a mirror reflecting a thousand other possibilities and perspectives. For every person you encounter, there are another ten thousand you will meet in your lifetime. Just for a second, allow your mind to simply go there – allow it to expand into this concept and even just for a second dance with the notion that life is… LIMITLESS.

It can feel strange and difficult to comprehend, I know. But despite that, your intuition is reminding you that it is indeed, POSSIBLE. Somewhat indigestible, but yes, possible.

That dream of yours? You know it’s YOURS right? It’s your birth-right and your most truest path towards a life of fulfilment. A path that will ignite that limitless potential in not only yourself, but in everyone you inspire.

So with a limitless life of endless possibility in your hands, what do you choose to devote to?

What do you choose to experience in this life of yours, only to then glance back at life at the end and say “Yeh, I did that!”?

What do you choose to leave behind as your legacy, gift or idea?

And how many times do you want to say you got back up from your stumble and took life up on another one of those endless possibilities?

Because they are always there for you to take, you know? Always available to you, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is dare to get back up.

“Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It’s the mastery of fear. It’s about getting up one more time than we fall down.” // Arianna Huffington.

As you embark on yet another week of living out your greatest dream, I beg of you. Don’t give up. Don’t ever, ever give up. Your dreams are worth more than that. YOU are worth more than that.

I refuse to live in a world where people don’t follow their dreams. Do you?

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Much love,

T x