My new eBook 'The Experiment' is here!


I am so incredibly proud to share with you that my new eBook, The Experiment, is finally here! 


31 daily dares, designed to help you instigate change, stretch you out of your comfort zone, befriend fear, and ultimately; Make this life your bitch!


This eBook has been been brewing ever since the original 'January Experiment' I ran on Facebook in January. Your daring and devoted commitment to that challenge inspired me to share this message far and wide, and I am so happy to be able to give everyone the opportunity to now embark on their own month long experiment and dive deep into their most daring and truest self. Each dare has been uplifted and upgraded with soul-stirring journalling activities, delicious affirmations and posters, and a generous outpouring of soul. To know that it now sits in the hands of beautiful, daring and adventurous lovers of life such as yourselves simply warms my heart. This book is going to change lives. I can feel it.

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Click here to read all about the book and get your hands on your very own copy.


As always, I would love to see you rock your Experiment in your own unique way, so please do use #thefeedmeexperiment to keep me in the loop on social media or feel free to drop me a line - you are never on this journey alone!


The feedback so far has blown me away:


"Tara’s writing is inspiring, inquisitive, at times hilarious and totally endearing, leaving you with a sense of ‘what have I been doing all this time?”… and “I didn’t know this would be so fun and easy!”. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a gift, read The Experiment. Do it. And watch what unfolds. It’ll surprise you, in the very best of ways!” - Vienda Maria


"Tara had me hooked from the first dare, lovingly guiding me to play bigger, delve deeper and reach for my dreams like never before!" - Penny Demetriou


"This is gorgeous! Easy to read, I love the colours and the photos, the fonts, layout, it's perfect. I'm completely blown away.. you have a way with words, love, so powerful." - Lana Jankovic


Dive in and get comfy in the cushions of your new Experiment; let it crack you open, expand your perspective and help you go deeper than ever before. If there is one thing that I have learnt throughout the journey of writing this eBook, it's that there is really no better time that right now. Seize the moment. Grab it with both hands, and never let go. There will never be a better time that right now to start throwing yourself into life and taking some heart-pumping risks. To truly be daring is to know this, and then ACT on it.


Do you dare?


Until next time; happy experimenting!


Much love,

T x