8 ways to bring the spark back into your week

IMG_4909 Need a little nudge to beat the Monday blues and feel inspired and motivated to own this week and grab it with both hands? Take a stab at my top 8 tips for bringing the spark back into your day and let the week begin!

Let's get physical!

That thing we all love to hate on a Monday morning.. Moving our tush and getting that heart pumpin'. This isn't the first time you've heard it; See your mood skyrocket and your creativity start pouring out of you as soon as the sweat does. Be it a bikram yoga class or a walk around your hood, sweat it up!


Blog it out babe

Nothing gets my brain ticking and heart twirling like a good blog sesh, soaking up words of wisdom and insight from some inspiring cats. Regardless of the topic or message, filling your cup with positivity, gratitude and motivating messages will give you that kick up the butt to get back on my bike and ride! Want to start somewhere? Hit up my blog category list over to your right!


Make shit

I've always thought of myself as the least creative person ever!! But I've discovered that with a little direction and purpose, I can come up with the goods. So I dive into the crazy world that is Pinterest, find something that catches my eye and just roll with it. Painting a pot plant, putting crafty labels on stuff, cutting up an old shirt. Even a little experimentation in the kitchen or rejigging the way my closet looks gets my mind working on something other than the normal day to day, and feeds my love for constantly changing things up. Feel free to take a look through my recent DIY pins on Pinterest here for some inspiration.


Sweet sunshine

This is an obvious one, but it's for a damn good reason. Go outside people!! It's where we were created to live and shine!



Practising my handstands, cartwheels and round-offs are my personal preference here, but you can take this anyway your intuition guides you to. Follow your gut. What brings out your silly side? Break down those 'adult' limitations and settle into your 14 year old self for a little while.


Take a time out

I call it 'Tara-time'. Schedule it in your calendar if you must. What does it involve? Anything you damn well want it to. Read that mag you bought 2 weeks ago but haven't managed to read past page 4. Paint your nails - not because you have to, but just because. Lay on the grass with the sun on your face. For that hour of power, put aside your goals, aspirations, what you're working towards - leave it all behind. Just be you - no responsibilities, no deadlines, no pressure, no commitments. You are a tiny, tiny speck within a galaxy of epic proportions. The universe will go on without you during this time, I assure you. Enjoy yourself!


Beautify yo-self!

You're adorable any which way, and you know it. But there's something about putting in that extra bit of effort to look extra spesh that makes a girl all smiles and starry eyed. Glam it up for a day, just because.


Try something crazy new

Never done SUP yoga/kayaking/squash/<insert random/fun/awesome sport here> before, but think it looks kinda cool and something you would enjoy? Go do it. Book it in. Now. So often I hear "Oh, I wish I could do that", and I immediately catch people out on it. Sorry to break the news, but there's no genie bottle here where you can simply make 3 wishes and they automatically come true. Be inspired and take action. It's all on you here, you are the only one standing in your way.


What are you going to implement this week to amp up the magic and feel high on life? From the list above, what aren't you doing? This week, give yourself permission to do it, and make yourself accountable by stating it in the comments below. Once it's in writing, it's real. Plus, I'll be right here to cheer you on! Thank you (in advance) for sharing this post with your mates - do them a favour and help them through this Monday morning by clicking share below.


Big love,


T xx