Why do I even care if you have a fierce relationship with yourself?

Why do I even care if you have a fierce relationship with yourself?

Because without it, how will you hear the gentle, ever so silent nudges from the universe that guide you to do the very thing that someone else needs you to do today?

Because without it, how will you ever be able to embody the amount of self love that is needed to inspire that woman randomly sitting across from you in the cafe?

Because without it, how will you ever cultivate the courage you need to dive head first into that idea, dream or business that will be the very thing to light up the heart of someone you don’t even know?


Having a fierce relationship with yourself, is ultimately not even about you. It’s about how that fierce relationship with yourself puts you in prime position to GIVE. SERVE. LEAD. INSPIRE.

And I’m not talking about the grand acts of these verbs either. I’m talking about the small, every day ways we show up in the world.

The smile you have to offer that stranger when they need it, because you’ve already nurtured yourself first and have extra love to give.

The extra patience you carry when your child is throwing a tantrum that leads you to react with love instead of anger, because you’ve put in the energy to really understand how the two are birthed and unleashed in your body.

The way you own the room at your next meeting with confidence and grace, which inspires your colleague to do the same in her relationship at home. All because you made the decision to hold hands with your highest self for life, and never leave her side again.

Having a fierce relationship with yourself is exactly how you will or won’t change the world. Loving yourself and knowing yourself is a gift, but it’s what it’s used for and how it impacts everything else that is the real gift here.

So consider it a self-less act. Consider it a service for the humanity. Consider it a integral part of how you do your bit to change the world. Because whether you like it or not, the relationship you have with yourself is not hidden behind closed doors, with no way of impacting others. Every day you show up in the world you are leaving a footprint. How about making a decision that will ensure that footprint is a positive one?

Decide to have a fierce relationship with yourself.

Decide and stand firm in your decision.

That’s where it all begins.

T x