What if every day was Sacred?

If only we approached everyday like it was our beloved, sacred Sunday.

Each day: Sacred, Self-Devoted, Rich in surrender.

You get to choose how you live your life.

You get to choose whether you watch the sun or watch the tv.

You get to choose if you'll make one day of the week count, or all of them.

You get to choose.

You get to choose.

These words have been both my saving grace and most dreaded realization. You get to choose. They're both liberating and bare deep responsibility. You get to choose.

Because it's easier to just do what others do.

It's easier to play the victim and make excuses.

It's easier to wait for tomorrow or believe it's not meant for you.

It's easier.

It's easier.

But it kills you on the inside.

It leaves traces of regret.

And it's just not what you're here for babe. It's just not.

So if tomorrow was just as sacred; if tomorrow was just as self-devoted and special as your much-loved Sunday, how would it be different? How would you CHOOSE differently?

T xx