What's on your 'Fuck Yeh, I did that!' list for 2015?

What's on your "Fuck Yeah, I did that!" list for 2015??

Because you know, your actions (i.e. the shit you actually got done) really do matter...

DEEDS OVER WORDS.. these words stuck to me like magnets as I watched Suffragettes a few nights ago, inspired yet outraged at what I both knew and didn't know about the journey of women's rights.

As curious, adventurous and ambitious women, we have no problem talking the talk. We know what we want and we know how we want to feel. But when it comes to walking our talk and acting on our dreams - the deeds - these are often at the mercy of our personal self-belief and self-confidence. Sometimes they fly sky high, and sometimes they go into hiding. Which makes our commitment to always acting on our word even more respected, courageous and fierce.

So how do we keep our fierce flag flying high on self-belief when it is no-where to be found? Like all inconveniently lost possessions, sometimes we just need someone to jog our memory.. Which is why I like to create my own -

'Fuck Yeah, I did that!' moments of 2015 List.

For when I forget how awesome I am. For when I forget that I am an incredibly competent, fierce and capable woman who isn't just a dreamer, but also a do-er. For when I forget that despite what happens around me, I always have the fire inside of me to make shit happen and create magic.

And so I encourage you to create your own 'Fuck Yeh, I did that!' List on this final day of 2015! Big stuff, little stuff, huge wins, minor breakthroughs - all of it. Get it down and pin it to the front of your 2016 diary. Because there will be days of the new year where your ego pumps up and tells you you're trapped by your circumstances and you'll feel stuck, helpless and probably hopeless. It's all a part of the human experience. But if you can turn that around with a 'Fuck Yeh, I did that!' moment that makes you smile with satisfaction - you're one step closer to breaking through that chain of self-doubt with your mighty mental bolt cutters and your self belief will be free to take the reigns once again.

So tell me, what's on the top of your "Fuck yeah, I did that!" List for 2015??

Peace out,

T x