FEED ME is born!


Meditation As I reflect on the year that was, it's hard not to become overwhelmed. So much has happened, so much has changed and quite frankly it feels like 2013 has been the longest year ever... In a good way though. When our day to day movements seem to take over and we aren't making time for the things we really love to do, life can fly by as we try to keep up with the rat race and wonder 'how can it be Christmas time again already?!' But when we really begin to take each day at a time, live in the present moment and make what we want the priority in our lives, the concept of time lives in the shadows and things start to align in a way that help us see how much is really possible.


2013 was the year I chose to be the best version of myself, and with that I have achieved more than my wildest dreams:

  • I'm officially debt free (woohoo!)
  • I lost 14 kg, without counting a single calorie
  • 7+ months of globe trotting around 17 countries so far
  • I volunteered abroad
  • I started a travel blog with my love/travel buddy
  • I grew even closer to the man of my dreams after a year long-distance
  • I found my passion in life
  • I learnt to surf and became a certified scuba diver (one step closer to being a real mermaid!)


Man, it has been a MASSIVE year of growth! A year of putting thoughts and intentions into action. And the year I realised what it means to be authentically me... And that, my friends, is someone who gets incredibly excited at the thought of connecting with like minded souls who dig what I dig, and also strive to be their most authentic self each and every day. I also fill to the brim with joy when I can share a lil' nugget of wisdom that brightens someone's day, whilst constantly keeping myself accountable and reminded of the things I hold dear, and that feed my insides.


And so with that... FEED ME is born!


FEED ME is my gift to you, as I strive to help you heal, feel and live from the inside out. Achieve whatever your mind believes. And be the most authentic version of yourself.


Thank you for joining me and allowing me to top up your plate each week with wholesome goodness. I am forever grateful!


And to carry you into the new year, a little request, if I may. As those final minutes count down and you think of the year just passed, remind yourself of the moments that brought you smiles, belly laughs, 'hell yeah' moments, opened your eyes and heart, and made you proud. And celebrate each and every one of them as you welcome a new year of endless possibilities and opportunity. A new year of being alive!!