Fierce Energy for 2016

Your energy is your greatest resource.

The fuel that propels your heart and mind into it's generous endeavors to engage, respond, react, love, embrace, support and act on everything and everyone that casts a role in your life.

Your energy dictates your level of presence, how wholeheartedly you 'show up', the depths of connection you feel... Every single on of those core feelings you map out and desire to feel in your life - your energy holds the key to your capacity to actually LIVE them.

A desire to feel 'at ease', 'abundant', 'joyful' or 'radiant' is always going to remain a two dimensional word on a white sheet of paper unless you have the energy of a wildfire ready to execute it.

Your energy is your most precious resource.

What are you doing today to nurture it, after perhaps some long days of giving it to other people?

How do you plan to bring your energy back up from 'flailing' to 'fierce'?

Maybe for my fellow introverts it involves some solo time, silence and some fresh air. Or for others, perhaps a juicy run with a girlfriend that always helps you feel at home.

Name your poison, and act on it.

2016 needs you fired up and recharged for what it has in store for you!

T xx