How to be Fierce in the face of fear

I promised you I’d always be transparent. I promised you more of the unglamorous side of growth, of living fierce, of finally following your soul and letting it lead you towards everything you want. So here it is.

Today was a few things. It was one of the days I work from home, immersed in my genius and pouring love into the She is Fierce Community (I love these days). Today was also a cleanse day for me. For those unfamiliar, I use supported intermittent fasting as part of a nutrition program I am a huge advocate for because of the way it has shifted my energy levels and put me into the best health of my life. Now I’ll be frank - my cleanse days aren’t a walk in the park. They are 100% mental and if I’m already stretching and growing in other areas of my life, I can struggle because as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with emotional eating in the past. When discomfort sets in, my instinctual reaction is to open the fridge. I’m sure I’m not alone. Usually I see it coming and I lean on a number of my own personal tools and practices that I’ve learnt through my work in having a fierce relationship with myself. 9 times out of 10, I pull through stronger. Though some are rather challenging like this morning.

I’d started my cleanse day in my favourite way - yoga and stretching in the lounge room listening to my mentors - and I was excited to lean in to what the day had in store for me. But then 11am hit, I hit my usual upper limit - “this feels too easy, this day is going too well, let’s fuck something up” and I found myself in the kitchen.

A million excuses piled up in my mind around why I should scrap my cleanse day and start again tomorrow - like the fact that I am going over to a friends place tonight, or that I should really give myself the option to eat more today if I’m stretching myself in other areas. And I’ll tell ya - I stood there frozen in my kitchen for a good 5 minutes as I was waiting for the kettle to boil, going to and fro in my mind over whether or not I should just eat something and start again tomorrow.

Then I remembered something that reeled me back in..

What hurts more Tara?

The pain of your upper limit, the resistance around actually living the life you want where your body is nourished on a cellular level and feeling its absolute best so it can carry you through this inspiring life you are leading…

Or the pain that comes with going back on your word to yourself, jeopardising this trust you have with your own soul, and having to move through the rest of your day knowing you deliberating acted out of alignment and incongruently to your big inspiring message to the world - because you were just too afraid that life couldn’t possibly be this good?

The first is a pain that lasts a moment. The second is a pain that lasts a lifetime. I chose the moment.

I’m so grateful everyday for this fierce relationship I have ignited within myself. With my ego, with my soul, with the inner fierce that holds my hand and helps me move more and more into alignment every day. Not everyday looks like this. Some days are better, some are worse. But the fact is, this is the reality.

Living fierce doesn’t mean you’re perfect. But it does mean honesty. It means being fiercely real about what you want, what you are and aren’t doing to get there, and just having really honest conversations with yourself to either build trust or own your decisions.

Some days you will choose fear. It’s inevitable and it’s human. But with a fierce relationship with yourself, you have the deep respect and reverence for your soul that sees you locking hands with your inner fierce the very next day and choosing to once again put one foot in front of the other.

So whether today you choose love or fear, know that fierce is always available to you as long as you’re honest with yourself. And that honesty and willingness to speak true, comes from the relationship you have with YOU. All of you - the good, bad and the ugly. Own it fiercely. You never know who’s life you might be impacting, in simply being YOU.

So I want to ask you; What would a fierce relationship with yourself look like?

How would it be real for you?

What would it mean for your day to day to day life, and your biggest dreams?

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Big love beauties xx