Here's to the Fierce ones..

Just as much as you praise the woman who treks the peaks of Everest, praise the woman who climbs the peaks of her power to then share all that she knows for the power of another.

Just as much as you praise the woman who feeds the hungry, praise the woman who saves her spirit from malnourishment by feeding it self-love and respect.

For do you know how much work, strength, training and sacrifice she has had to endure?

Just as a pro surfer rises early for the waves, she rises for the discomfort. Just as the volunteer sacrifices her time for the cause, she sacrifices her ego for love.

Today I want to shout out praise from the rooftops for all the women who dare to live in their greatness. Every achievement, be it a meditation or a marathon, starts with an inner fierceness that goes from spirit to superpower with every step forward in the direction of your heart. And after a fucking frustrating day yesterday swimming in my own upper limits, discomfort, growth and greatness - I felt called to remind you today that YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. WE ARE INCREDIBLE.

Every doubt, every challenge, every moment of perseverance and every second spent listening within is an achievement worth celebrating, and today I’m celebrating YOU.

Here’s to the fierce ones - the ones that live it, breathe it and bath in it.

Living a fierce life of growth and expansion is not for the faint-hearted, and my heart feels full knowing we're all in it together. It's an honour to trek this journey with you!

T xx