Fired & Guided: Trusting my Intuition

It's been a year of divine guidance and serious trust in my intuition. This week marks week 5 of my Fiercely Feminine and Free Online Workshop, and I can’t believe how fast it has gone. 25 women across 4 countries, hanging out with me online learning how to create space for their masculine and feminine to dance in a way that supports their desire to live a fiercely empowered life; I will never get tired of how soul-enriching and heart-warming that feels! The whole program was born from a 'gut-feeling', a serious pull from something much bigger than me. And this week’s module is funnily enough all about trusting your intuition and opening yourself up to guidance; a practice that requires a nurturing presence and deep devotion to self-care. And it’s a part of fierce living that feels ultra ripe for me at the moment, as I lean into some more big change, once again feeling incredibly guided.

3 weeks ago, I was given notice by my part-time job that my position would no longer be required in 2016. It was something that we both knew needed to happen; our visions and expectations surrounding the role no longer aligned with one another and we both knew it just wasn’t working anymore. And whilst the normal shock and fear initially surfaced as it does in all big beginnings and endings, I couldn’t ignore the relief that settled in my body as reality set in. The surfacing of gratitude, hope and trust.

I knew I had been resisting my own intuitive guidance in this area of my life for some time. I had pushed on in moments where my higher self told me to reassess. I held on to being the victim in decisions I had made, instead of empowering myself to choose differently. And I stayed in situations that felt safe and predictable, instead of daring to try something new.

Why? All for the same reasons you probably would use yourself. Fear of failure. Financial reasons. Self-doubt. Lack of self-responsibility. Trying to please others. The standard mix of excuses that you use to keep yourself playing smaller than you could be, and keep you comfortable in the challenges you’re so used to facing. No, I am not immune to any of this, I assure you.

So when the line was officially drawn in the sand, I really did feel as though the universe was sending me a very clear message that sort of sounded like, “You wouldn’t listen Tara, so we did it for you”; a message that I just have to smile at as it only reaffirms for me all that I know to be true when it comes to listening to your intuition.

If you don’t listen to your intuition, you will be made to listen.If you resist it, it will persist.If you fail to act, the universe will take action for you.

And I’ve never been so grateful to be reminded of such a powerful truth. Because in this very moment, and in fact for quite some time, I have known in my deepest of cells that this opportunity is yet another way that the universe is supporting me in my dream to coach and write full time. A dream that I know is beginning to unfold at a much faster rate because of this gift, and because of this undeniable gut feeling that just wont let up. My intuition is yelling at me loud and clear every waking minute of the day – “This is it Tara, this is your opportunity to devote yourself to your gifts in the capacity you have been dreaming about.” And this time, I’m listening like my life depends on it.

Everything I have created in the last 2 years here at Feed Me, including blog posts, interviews, eBooks, online workshops and coaching programs, have all been done alongside working 4-5 days a week at another job. A scenario that I know is not uncommon, and I trust that many of you, if not all of you here, can relate to on some level. And I have to say the whole experience has been the most challenging test of my passion and commitment to date. I am no stranger to the hustle; the late nights, early mornings, no social life and often no money to show for it. But in saying that, when I hustle, I hustle with heart. I do so with intention, and with clarity on where I’m going and why I’m doing it. And I’ve always done it simply because I wanted to. Because despite the hard yards, I loved that I was creating something special for people I respected and adored, and I knew I wouldn’t have it any other way. And this kick up the backside by the almighty universe has just fuelled my creative spirit even more, and despite a steady stream of fear and self-doubt, there sits an even brighter determination to create bigger and better than I have ever done before.

I have evolved incredibly as a human being over the last few years, and have too seen many incredible clients evolve and transform alongside me. Witnessing the changes in the human spirit and how that carries through into all areas of people’s lives is one of the most amazing gifts I cherish in health and life coaching. I feel so truly blessed to do what I do. And so it is with an insanely excited heart that I share with you, my fellow courageous and daring seekers of the world, that this space is about to explode with love in 2016. A new look and feel, new ways to work with me, new collaborations and new daring adventures of fierce freedom for your hungry hearts.

If you’re still reading and cheering me on, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. And I want everything you stand for and desire to be ignited by my creations and content in 2016. Which is why I would be so incredibly grateful to you if you would fill in a super short survey for me – which asks some quick questions on what you want more of in 2016, what your biggest challenges are and what lights you up the most. It also gives you the opportunity to share your details with me at the end so I can send you a little Christmas gift in the mail!! (Totally optional of course, but who doesn’t like some snail mail at Christmas??).

All I have been dreaming about lately is how much more real, raw and authentic connection I am going to get to have with the like-minded women that read my posts and enjoy Feed Me, and I want that to start right now before 2015 is even over yet, with some intimate handwritten love from me to you. So please be sure to jump on over to the super short and sweet survey, let me get to know what I can shower your world with in 2016, and let’s start something really amazing here. I’m totally out of my comfort zone in so many ways at the moment and whilst it can feel incredibly daunting at times, I know how much fun it can be when the experience is shared. So jump in with me, let’s hold hands through this, and stand fierce in our love for doing things our own way.