Want to feel Focused and On Fire in 2016? My one-off coaching offer for January

Let me paint you a picture...

You wrap up the year with an epic summer. Christmas with family and cherished friends, ocean swims, bbqs, road trips, downtime.. Ah yes, down time! Time for chilling out, taking a well earned break and recharging after a solid year. Because I think we can all say with confidence that 2015 – you’ve been mighty solid!

New years day rolls around and you enter the year with hope, ambition and some big lofty goals. This down time has nurtured your inner dreamer; the seeker in you that can’t help but dance with all the extravagant experiences your soul desires. And once the holiday is over and the wheels begin to churn again, you prepare to start the year with courage, determination and all of the very best of intentions.

And that’s when you remember – the Christmas gift you bought for yourself (or that amazing friend bought for you)..

The gift that says, “My goals are important to me, and I am going to own this year with all I’ve got”.

The gift that says “Hey girl, I bought you this so you could pull it out when you need it most, when you’re ready to make this year your b*tch and feel supported from the get go”.

The gift that sets you up for success.

And that gift.. it will leave you feeling Focused and On Fire!!

This Christmas, be it to your bestie, mum, sister or your own inner dreamer, give the gift that shows you have 100% faith in her dreams and want to see her make 2016 her best yet.

1 x 2hr Skype Life Coaching Session with yours truly, for January 2016!

This year I have ignited my own dreams in coaching and supporting 21 amazing women towards a life that sets their heart on fire. I have supported women in saying Yes to their passions, rediscovering self-love and self-worth, finding peace from stress and anxiety, buying that plane ticket, healing their relationships, and being able to say with confidence “I love myself and this life I have created.”

2016 is the year that you and your loved ones decide to feel free and focused, with one eye on the prize. Your goals, your desires and everything you want to feel and create can be at the centre of all that you do – and I want to help you put the plan and strategies in place to make that happen!

Whether you want to feel focused on:

  • Being present and being happy right now!
  • How to take the next step in your business and career
  • How to move through those limiting beliefs and the nasty voice inside your head that says you are not worthy
  • How to find limitless energy and send your productivity through the roof
  • How to be the best version of you for the relationship you want to attract
  • Or simply how to starting saying Yes to yourself more often,

… 2016 is your year to feel ON FIRE! And I’m going to guide you on in!


Prior to our session, I’ll send you a form to complete that will give me a taste of your goals and heart’s desires for the new year. Then we will spend up to 2 hours together hashing out everything that you need to bring those dreams to life in 2016, as well as how to let go of your fears and move through anything that has kept you from succeeding in the past. This session is all about YOU and I’ll be guiding and supporting you in every way to leave you feeling inspired, equipped, focused and charged up for the year ahead!

If this is a gift for a loved one, I’ll also be sending you a beautiful physical gift voucher that you can share with them – you know, to make it extra special!!

There’s no need to book in your date for the session just yet if you don’t know when in January suits best – just purchase your session and I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the rest!

There are only 10 spots available for this one-off coaching session, to take place during the month of January only. My one-off sessions are usually priced at $200, but for this one-off limited offer (and because it’s Christmas!), these sessions are just $137.

Split payments are available on request. Last day to purchase is Friday 11 December or until sold out!

P.S. If your purchase is a gift for a loved one, just send me an email and I’ll be in touch to organize your voucher.