Free Email Series: How to be more consistent in living your bad-ass life your way

Be more cosistent One day you’re all in, feeling fab and bursting with hope and devotion – and the next, your wondering how you could fall so fast and let all that hard work now be outshone by hours wasted on Netflix and a block of chocolate later. Cue the angst and frustration over ‘starting again’, finding motivation and getting back on the horse – all of which is totally taking up your valuable time better spent on world domination! “Why can’t I just be CONSISTENT? Why am I either all in, or not at all?”

Sound familiar? Thought so!


CONSISTENCY is a big focus with my one on one coaching clients, and man, do I feel their frustration! Nothing pushes my buttons more than knowing exactly what I want, and then observing myself sneakily sabotage all my efforts, only to force myself back on yet another cycle of this merry go round around my dreams, when all I want is to be one of those girls who consistently wakes up and gets shit done!

But I’ve got news for you… You’re already that girl. And this whole consistency conspiracy – it’s no-where near as hard as you think it is. And I’m going to show you how you can own it, wear it proudly, and consistently do what you need to do to make this life you’re bitch.

Join me in a FREE 5 day email series, where I share my keys for consistency and showing up in your life day in, day out. (2016 Update: this course is currently being revamped and will be back soon, stay tuned!)

Each day over 5 days, I will pop into your inbox with yet another of my top tips for laying down the law on your dream and constantly putting in the work. No more “all or nothing” mentality – just good solid habits in concrete so you have the energy and ease to live, knowing your always inching one step closer to your dream everyday.

Suffer from a lack of consistency? Need to get some shit done, like NOW?

Join over 60 people who have already snapped up this course and are living out their own promises as consistency queens! "Thank you so much for creating the series - it's just so practical and easy to use information! I feel like you've released it right when I needed it most, and it's going right to good use!!" - Ali

'The way you write is incredible Tara.  You have a beautiful gift, and this particular series resonates profoundly with me.  I am going to keep them and look to them regularly, and whilst I haven’t been in the space to challenge myself this week, I will and It will be made all the more enjoyable with your words" - Suzi

"I'm loving these emails! For the first time in months I got up early to go to the gym during the week. I've also worked a lot of overtime at work this week and for once it actually didn't feel like a chore and stress me the hell out - because I'm concentrating on the fact that I actually love my job and how much this is going to better me in the long run - it's not a chore if it's something you WANT to do." - Lauren

"After the first email, this series is already amazing! You rock! Looking forward to the rest of the week!"  - Nicola

5 days, 5 killer ways to help you be the CONSISTENCY QUEEN and live out your promises to yourself like you mean it. This email series runs weekly from Monday to Friday, so sign up now to get on the list for next Monday.

Let's do this!!

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