To grow is a privilege, not a pain

If you're going to play this personal growth game, you need to be willing to feel as unclear, confused and unsettled, as much as (or more than) you feel clear, conscious and alive. Fact.

You need to be willing to handle the constant self-questioning, and the desire to constantly prove yourself wrong to seek and reveal new truths. Clarity is always fleeting.

You will often feel overwhelmed and you will often feel the need to go slow. Listening to your soul will become your new favourite past time.

And you will often feel disheartened and you will often feel alone. For what is the light, without the dark?


But at the end of the day, it's how you react, process and play in these uncomfortable and stretching times that guide the growth itself.

It's in those moments where the growing pains feel too painful to bare, and the fear feels too big to digest that predict just how ready you are for what lies on the other side.

Because growth itself is a gift that commands respect.

It's a process that demands patience.

And it's a privilege that only a portion of the world gets to proactively play with, by choice.

And you my friend, are one of the lucky few.

So next time the growth gets too hard, and the pain begins to pull you into entitlement - remember that it's something you GET TO DO, not something you HAVE TO DO.

Let your perspective shift to the pleasure over the pain. Remind yourself that you're playing in a league that many would kill for, a life that so many hope for. A life so abundant that it holds space for your needs, desires, greatness and then some. And because of that, you are more powerful than you know.

T xx