How to change the health of your wealth

Slide14 This is a topic I am leaning into quite strongly this month, as I allow myself to crack open my upper limit on financial freedom and abundance (In case you missed it, I spoke about how we can all break through our upper limits and ‘have it all’ in this video a little while ago). And this message from Gabrielle Bernstein was delivered to me at the most perfect time:


Your net worth is a direct reflection of your self-worth. When you fully embrace the work you are here to do, you can become unapologetic about your earning capacity. It is the natural order to receive abundance for your great work.


This is such a powerhouse statement. It is as though someone has unlocked the gate to my future, and what has forever felt unattainable now sparkles in the distance waiting for me to come and grab it!


Ever since I can remember, I have always held very negative perceptions about money. I was raised in an environment where there was never enough money (I know pretty much everyone can relate to that), and money was a constant source of stress. I have worked two jobs for most of my life, and whilst it has served me well in that I am a very hard worker and have been able to afford some amazing travel experiences, I don’t feel comfortable when I have money. In fact, I feel the need to spend it straight away, or allocate it to something. Having an amount of money just sitting in an account for nothing specific, other than to support my feeling of financial security, just doesn’t register for me and has me feeling way out of my comfort zone. I know, weird right?


So why is this? Why do I feel incredibly uncomfortable having money? Earning a great income and actually having money to play with, as opposed to living pay check to pay check?


Yes, there is that old upper limit thing again. Feeling as though I am succeeding in every other area of my life means I deliberately squash my chances at financial freedom every chance I get. But as Gabrielle Bernstein's comment above has shown me – I also don’t feel worthy of it. My current net worth is a direct reflection of my current self worth. Because I don’t feel (and never have felt) worthy of having such financial freedom.


Now I know I am not alone in this. Money is such an icky topic that so often gets put in the too hard basket, as we carry on with life holding on to the same 'lack' mindset and counting every penny in the hope that they will double in value overnight.


Whilst I am still on my own journey and warming myself to the idea of financial freedom and giving myself permission to not 'struggle' financially, I do feel as though I have already broken down part of my wall of resistance around this topic. And with the help of some affirmations and manifesting, I (and you) can knock this one out of the ball park!


How to change the health of your wealth:

-       Positive Affirmations – Repeating to yourself every day, “I am worthy of wealth”. This is a no brainer; nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have this affirmation set as the title of my alarm on my phone, so I see it first thing in the morning.


-       Our thoughts shape our reality - so place visual reminders of your biggest financial goals on your iphone wallpaper so you see them all day long. No more hiding away from what you want, it’s time to be accountable and feed your desires some extra time and attention.


-       Take yourself through Sarah Wilder’s Magic Money Month. In May, Sarah ran a facebook challenge with her tribe where she spent a virtual amount of money each day on something that linked back to a daily theme, in order to shift our current mindset from scarcity to abundance. Whilst I followed along from the sidelines, I didn’t commit to the challenge 100% when it was on, so I am committing to doing it again myself too. You can see Sarah’s post on it here as well as download her DIY guide.


-       Give, give, give! Give more of your time, give more of your energy and give more of your money to what matters most. It is easy to get trapped within the walls of your own financial situation and feel the need to tighten your hold on the money you do have, but all this does is reinforce that ‘lack’ mentality and restrict the flow of money coming into your life. In putting faith in the universe and trusting that everything you need will enter your life exactly when you need it, you open the door to new opportunities and help others at the same time.


Whilst we can all sit here, cross our fingers and toes, and wish for the financial freedom of Leonardo Dicaprio, if we don’t believe we are worth it then it ain't ever going to happen. So I would absolutely love for you guys to put these practices into place, ditch the hold that money has on you and spend some time on the things you enjoy doing that raise your vibrations. Those practices of self-love that nurture your self worth and excite your spirit. And in turn release those expectations and limitations we set upon ourselves, not only when it comes to money, but in all areas of our life.


Do you feel unworthy of financial freedom? Do you immediately spend what you earn, and feel trapped in a state of lack? I'd love to hear from you gorgeous. Share your thoughts below and lets help each other attract wealth with ease.


Big love xx