How to thrive, not just survive, whilst chasing your dreams.

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You know what you want. You’re hacking away at it, doing your best to consistently show up and do the work. You’re striving like a mofo, and your eye is on the prize. You’re going to bring this dream to life, no matter what it takes.

But then you start to notice a huge dip in your energy. Motivation keeps falling in between those caffeine hits, and whilst your determined as hell, this isn’t exactly the way you imagined you would do it. The process feels depleting, often soul-sucking, and you’re forgetting who you are underneath it all. You might be striving, but in no way are you thriving.

It’s time to shake up this dream chasing with some strategic self-care, but you have no idea where to begin. Until now. Here’s 8 ways to turn that force into flourish, and actually thrive, not just survive, whilst chasing your dreams:

  1. Re-align your method. Strip back the end goal.

If your dream is to feel free, but the road you have chosen to get there feels constricting and suffocating, then something here doesn’t add up. We need to stop putting mixed messages out into the universe about what we want – if our actions don’t align with our desires, how can we ever expect to thrive? Take another look at your decisions that have led you here; do they speak your dream’s language?

  1. Quit comparison.

We will never feel like we are thriving, if we constantly lead ourselves to believe we are always behind the eight ball. Limit your time on social media, especially when you are in ACTION phase of bringing your baby to life. Your dream, your story, your way – Own it!

  1. Have a life, that doesn’t involve your dream.

To thrive is to feel alive, and if you’re crowding out everything that makes you ‘you’ with a dream that doesn’t presently sit within your reality, then you’re missing the point. Dreams are meant to enhance, amplify and illuminate our lives – not replace them all together. Make sure you’re doing something you love every single day, and reminding yourself of who you are underneath it all.

  1. Be realistic, whilst still being a dreamer.

If the goals you have set for yourself are way out in the stratosphere and you are going to need to pull consecutive all-nighters to simply feel caught up, have enough self-respect to call yourself out on it. Set achievable goals that allow you to thrive, because you choose to. To thrive is to know you love kicking goals, but even if you’re not, you’re still just as worthy. If you value yourself enough to thrive, you will make choices that enable you to. Simple.

  1. Don’t stop moving.

Whilst you may already know that exercising is great for your waistline and actually gives you more energy, did you know that doing specific types of movement can actually help you with your creativity, focus and confidence? If moving for your body isn’t enough to get you taking a break and throwing on your runners, then how about moving for your mind. Use simple yoga postures, pilates moves and cardio workouts to release stagnant energy out of your energy centres and harness the mental support you need to not only chase your dreams with more clarity, but also do it with a smile on your face! (I’m adoring this morning workout at the moment).

  1. Strengthen your boundaries.

If you can’t say no to the stuff you don’t want, then you sure as hell won’t be able to say yes to what you do want. Stand tall in why you’re here and what you want. Thrive by creating clear boundaries that keep you high. Your dreams are counting on it.

  1. Stay humble. Be grateful.

To thrive is to be equal parts grateful and determined. To wake up each day to the warmth of big, bold dreams and fall asleep in the arms of contentment and gratitude. Regardless of what is going on around you, allow yourself to flourish knowing that you have everything you need in this moment. Gratitude will always be your saving grace.

  1. Remind yourself to thrive.

We all need a gentle reminder every now and then to check in with ourselves, before we wreck ourselves. The dream can lure us in and keep us distracted with all her shiny bells and whistles, and the next thing you know, you realize you’ve worn the same yoga pants three days in a row. Gift yourself a daily reminder of what’s important, and how you want to feel along the way.

House of Bauble ‘Thrive’ wellness bracelets are my pick and are for bad ass babes with big ass dreams, that just need a daily reminder to keep it fun. Keep it cool and keep it light. Thrive, don’t just survive. Life is happening right now, lets enjoy it! They also come with a goal planner to help you set achievable goals, and keep things moving at a pace that supports your inner desire to feel good throughout the process.


As a side note // I’m happy to announce that I am officially an ambassador for House of Bauble’s wellness bracelets! I truly believe that women can bring intention and self-love into every part of their life, even through their jewellery. When you are gifted with a mighty big dream to birth, you need all the help you can get to stay true to your values and create from the heart. These bracelets serves as a reminder to me that I can always choose to thrive in every moment, no matter how big those dreams feel.

Please know that I do not get any kickbacks for sharing this inspiring product – I genuinely love all that they represent (as well as how awesome they look), and want to support and share a brand I think you tribe of dreamers will love!



YOUR TURN // I’d love for you to share with me how you plan to thrive this week in chipping away at bringing your dream to life. What do you need to say no to? Where are you stretching yourself too thin, losing yourself, or forgetting to be grateful? Hit me with it below and let’s thrive together.


T x