How much weight are you prepared to carry?

luggage No, I’m not talking the KG kind, the kind that jiggles and the kind that tries so desperately to squeeze into small spaces. I’m talking about all that baggage that sits on those shoulders of yours. The pounds of anguish that fall heavy on your head. The guilt and grudges dragging you down; turning the simplest task into a depleting, energy-sucking chore. The memories stacking high upon one another, pushing you to breaking point. And just when you think you can’t take anymore, the pressure mounts with yet another reason to stay trapped in the past.




This concept of the baggage we carry from our past into our present has popped up for me a few times this week (and it's only Wednesday!), and has inspired me to write this post. On Monday evening, I sat in on a presentation by a local Mindfulness Practitioner and Mental Health Nurse who introduced me to a concept called "Polarity of Injustice". My understanding of this concept is that over the course of our lives, we all encounter some form of trauma. We live through difficult moments and life-changing experiences that alter our perceptions and create our 'story'. And it is by holding on to these experiences and negative emotions that our polarity of injustice remains wide and stretched, until we are unable to handle the smallest of negative situations anymore without reaching our limit, so often resulting in rage, depression, anger, and so on. In 'carrying' all this 'baggage' from our past, we are unable to move freely through our present, because we have not let go of (or spent time trying to understand) the challenges we have faced in our past.


This presentation not only inspired me to explore this area further, but also made me realise and appreciate how much 'baggage' I have let go of over the last few years. In arriving at a place of understanding and acknowledging the personal experiences that for so long stretched my polarity of injustice, I have been able to welcome new challenges and new opportunities into my life over the last year, which I believe I never could have handled a few years ago with so much 'baggage' or such a huge polarity of injustice attached to my present self.


And as it always does, the universe reiterated this concept to me and confirmed my exploration down this path, in directing me to this video that Tara Bliss posted yesterday on 'Dropping your story'. In this video, Tara encourages us to ditch the identity that we are holding onto that no longer serves us, in order to allow us to move forward and remove the 'lid' that is keeping us contained and living according to a 'label'. This video not only carved out the space for me to acknowledge the empowerment and connection that my story has brought me thus far, but also the parts of my story/identity which I still need to let go of.


So with this energy of letting go flowing so freely and wild through my veins right now, I wanted to explore this with you and allow you the space to consider both where your polarity of injustice currently sits (i.e. how much guilt, angst, grudges you are carrying with you right now into the present moment), and also whether this polarity of injustice is keeping you attached to a particular identity or story that no longer serves you.



So I wanted to ask you; The guilt, the pain, the grudges, and all the other negative emotions that have surrounded your past - Do they wear them as a trophy of your hardships? Are they shielding you from growth? Allow yourself to observe your 'baggage' from a far, and not whilst you are buried underneath it all. Put judgement aside, and create some space for yourself to feel what this 'baggage' feels like. The pressure it places on your shoulders, that downward pull in your chest as you wake up to a new day. Does your 'story' still sit heavy in your heart, taking up space that is required to tackle the challenges and hardships that may arise in the present? Are you still holding on to the past with both hands, failing to let go?


Whilst the notion of letting go can seem incredibly overwhelming and a gigantic task in itself, it is important to remember that this isn't something that happens overnight. Despite all the inner work that we can do, we will always hold a part of our story with us at all times. But the goal is to simply loosen the grip that it has on us living to our potential in the present, so we can embrace the future with both hands.


And I think it's also important to keep in mind here..

If you ditch the baggage, let go of the story and move forward past the pain; It does not make your experiences any less significant. Choosing to let it go, does not mean it was all for nothing.


Life is a sequence of moments. And undoubtedly, those moments will often hold events and circumstances we deem unfavourable. But their purpose is to foster our growth. Provide us with an opportunity to re-evaluate, understand and assess. Not dig ourselves into the ground until we can no longer see what’s ahead.





So to wrap up, I want to know; What can you let go of today? How can you alleviate the load by letting go of something that you have held on to for far too long? What no longer serves a purpose in your life, other than to weigh you down?


I’ll go first..


Today I am letting go of expectation. Expectations of myself to carry the world on my shoulders and do it all on my own.  Today I am embracing the array of support available to me, reaching out and welcoming the fact that alone I can do so little, but together we can do so much. This idea of achieving it all on my own,  bearing all the responsibility and taking on the world with my army of one – does not serve me anymore. It drills me into the ground. It stunts my growth and it depletes all that I have to give.


Ahhh, I feel lighter already!


Your turn, beautiful soul – what can you let go of today? What isn’t serving you anymore? What can you ditch to the curb today, in order to lighten your load and free your spirit?


Image from Pinterest.