Living my adventure


20140318-103442.jpg Wow, how time flies! It has been a little while in between blog posts, I know.. But I'm happy to say that all of my intentions for these last two weeks have truly come to fruition. And it's been a jam packed, fun filled, crazy busy two weeks at that!


Long overdue catchups with beautiful friends and family, looong ass road trips across the country (in a fully loaded ute that only just made it!), cyclone warnings, beach swims and cafe hangs, meeting adorable new bubs, big family Mexican nights, getting stuck into my IIN pre course work and the unbelievably awesome Bloghearted e-course, job interviews, house hunting and a whole lotta nephew and neice cuddles in our new home of Townsville!


Woah, crazy times!! But it was all done with a huge smile on my face. I am absolutely loving being home! Settling in, making somewhere my own, at my own pace and with endless opportunities. Getting back in the kitchen. Spending time with my neice and nephew, both so full of innocence, bravery and excitement; Ready to give anything a go without fear and always speaking so honestly with curiosity. Oh, there is so much we can learn from children!


Since being home, I have learnt that the adventure never ends. When I was coming home, a part of me prepared for the fun, exciting sense of adventure to die down for a while, or at least in comparison to what were used to overseas. But it hasn't. I feel as intrigued and excited about each day as I was overseas, and I really think it has a lot to do with my mindset. Sure, a cyclone warning interrupting your road trip and breaking down with a fully loaded ute in the middle of nowhere can surely up the sense of adventure. But if you attract that feeling of adventure into your life by constantly trying new things, taking risks and putting yourself out there, adventure can become a part of your everyday life. It keeps things fun and interesting, and makes life that little bit more meaningful. Sure, going to work can often take up a big chunk of our day, sometimes leaving you feeling stuck in that same old draining cycle, but there is always an adventure waiting for you around the corner if your prepared to take it.


Another big lesson I have learnt these last few weeks is that you can't force creativity and connection. Countless times last week I sat down to write a blog post, do some study or even connect with people online that I had previously committed to. But it never felt right. My head and my heart just wasn't in it. All I wanted to do was fully immerse myself in this beautiful period of change and enjoy being around my loved ones again, and that left me with not a whole lot of space for creativity, connection, dreaming and scheming. Never do I want my creative work and passion to turn into a chore, so I decided to just go with it and put things on hold for a bit. And whilst I am now feeling much more creative and over the moon excited to dive back into things, I am also in the process of moving house, locking in a job and starting my first week of school! So I wanted to let you know that whilst I may not be as active here on the blog over the next couple of weeks, I will most definitely continue to say hi on Facebook and Instagram, and I will definitely be coming back with a BANG, with plenty of goodness to rock your world! Stay tuned..


So here's to new beginnings, fresh starts and endless possibilities! Have a crazy beautiful week gorgeous, you deserve it!


Big Love x