My new love story

I used to hold some powerful limiting beliefs around love..

Love was risky.

Love was painful.

Love could tear a family apart, and it could bring you to your knees.

I always knew in the background that I was keeping a slice of my heart hidden, protected, and living in the shadows as a back up for when the rest of it was left shattered to pieces.

But what I never saw behind those limiting beliefs was the canvas that a broken heart created for the most divine masterpiece. I was recently introduced to the art of Kinstugi; The Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. Damaged pottery is joined back together by filling the cracks with gold, highlighting every flaw and imperfection and in turn creating a unique and stunning masterpiece even more beautiful than before. For me, this is my love story.

Where my heart has previously been thrown around by love, and my every effort been devoted to adding another layer of bubble wrap to prevent it from complete destruction, it now stands solid, radiant and royal. For I have learnt that with golden love I can bring to life any crack, chip or fracture, and it will always continue to stand stronger.

Despite every heartbreak, every pain, every bit of sorrow - your heart will stand strong. But only if you continue to flood it love, sooth the cracks and vow to always infuse each set back with a golden shimmer. For without love there is no life. Without love there is nothing. And in my own personal experience, once we devote to loving fiercely with all of our heart, beyond the fear of it all one day crashing down around us, then only then do we really know what it means to truly love.

You may leave this world without having had many experiences, but don’t let that be one of them.