Meat Free Month - 16 Days In

IMG_5212 For those of you who follow me on Insta and Facebook, you will know that at the end of March I decided to take on a Meat Free Month (with the exception of seafood). This was for a couple of reasons:


  • I totally missed out on Meat Free Week, which I think is such a great initiative to encourage people to actually take an interest in where their meat comes from and how it is raised.
  • After 9 months of travelling and eating meat almost every day, I felt it was now time to give my digestive system the break it deserves, by focusing on plant based food for 30 days.
  • To give myself that extra bit of encouragement to experiment more in the kitchen with vegetarian options.


My intention was never to become a vegetarian or continue eating meat free for a longer period of time. I simply wanted to give my body the upper hand, and make things as easy as possible for my digestive system, as it is still trying to recover after 9 months of meat eating (where I so often found myself wondering what type of meat I was actually eating) and quite a few bouts of stomach illness along the way.


So 16 days in, how am I feeling?

Well, overall, I am feeling great. I have found it surprisingly easy to cook vegetarian meals for myself, whilst often also preparing meat dishes for my boyfriend, and haven’t really had any type of ‘meat’ cravings. I have noticed a few things along the way though:


  • During my first week, my sugar cravings really hit hard! Whilst I only ever eat natural sugar from whole fruit or rice malt/pure maple syrup anyway, I still found myself craving fruit smoothies or raw chocolate at all hours.
  • Following these sugar cravings, I definitely had a couple of days of feeling a little lethargic. But I upped my portions and plant based protein, in an attempt to make sure I was getting enough nutrients at meal times, and jam packed my plate with veggies, and often eggs or quinoa, at every chance.
  • I usually avoid most legumes, as I find they do not always sit well in my stomach. However, without meat in my diet, I have regularly felt the need to give my diet that extra boost with some chick peas or other legumes to ‘beef’ up the meal a little bit and help me feel full for longer.


With half the month still to go, I am still feeling confident that my body is really benefiting from this well-earned break and never at any stage have I felt a strong need to bring meat back into my daily diet. As with any food we experiment with, it always comes down to listening to our gut. How does it make us feel? Do we feel nourished and satisfied? If the answer is no, then it’s important to take a good look at the ways in which we are eating, should they be doing us more harm than good.


Stay tuned for a final update in a few weeks when my Meat Free Month comes to an end. In the meantime, are you a vegetarian or vegan? Or simply love whipping up a good vego feast? What are your go-to meals? Go ahead and tag @feed_me_blog and #feedmemeatfree in your Instagram photos of your favourite vego creations this week, and I just might feature your creation in my final wrap up.


Happy cooking!