Monday Magic - Choose to be human

10556234_10152604300945903_917580617731241330_n This past week has been a mighty full one, and after declaring this (and my immense gratitude for your patience) on Facebook last week, I hit the road over the weekend in order to recharge, reclaim my writing rhythm and get down and dirty with mother nature. We had a marvelous time!





In amongst these patterns of everyday life and soul-nurturing adventures, I have never felt a stronger pull to 'be of service’. I am feeling it in every direction; this force shooting out of me in search of new ways to give, give, give. This drive to satisfy someone’s hunger; their need or desire for something more. With this brings a flood of ideas, sparks of opportunity and a dizziness of emotion. Excitement at it's peak, alongside deep desire for more time, money, resources and all of the stuff that so quickly takes you away from the present moment.


So my brain has been in overdrive and as always those limiting beliefs rear their ugly head; except I am getting ever so talented at giving them a cheeky wave and moving straight on past them with a spring in my step. So today I wanted to leave you with this, in the hope that it reminds you that you, me, and everyone else out there – we are all human. And that my friend is a wonderful thing to be grateful for.

“Choose to be human. Allow it to excite you. You might just fuck it all up. Or you might just fucking nail it. Nothing is certain. The road ahead has never been walked. It is unique, mysterious and yours only. You are the first and only one who gets to walk this particular road. So to that I say Fuck yeh. I am going to skip down this road like a kid in the school yard, and if I fall and graze my ego, I will have a pretty wicked scar to show for it!”


What are you grateful for today? Say it loud and proud and watch those spirits of yours soar!


Big love xx