Monday Magic - My weekly gratitude list.


This week’s gratitude list is a little different. Im beaming love and sending hand written thank you notes to all the things in my life which are not physical things, places or activities; but things in which I FEEL. The stuff that keeps me grounded, warm and lights me on fire so I can then embrace limitless living and always maintain a perspective on life that nourishes and nurtures my soul.


This magic Monday has me gratefully feeling:


1. Supported


We are constantly supported. By the universe, by time itself and the energy that surrounds us. We are never alone. We are always a part of something much larger than our minds can contemplate, and with every struggle is an outstretched hand ready to guide and support us as we continue to learn and grow. And as we learn to let go and loosen our grip on life’s twists and turns, the easier it becomes to see and feel that support which is always at our fingertips.


2. Connected


Connected to those around me, those far away from me, the earth between my toes and the passion flowing through me. There is a light that shines through me that too resides in you and though at times we can feel lost and trapped in our own thoughts, the unbreakable bond we hold with the earth and our spirit just gets stronger with every breath we take.


3. Free


A new minute. A new hour. A new day. A new week. We are constantly being gifted an opportunity to release the things that don’t serve us and start a fresh. With every minute, we can choose to let go and feel freedom. With every breath, we can control the energy we inhale and exhale. Freedom is always ours for the taking.



Your turn beautiful – What are you grateful for today? What is raising your vibrations and has you looking up to the sky with a big ol’ grin?


Big love,