Why morning rituals are my everything

My morning rituals.

Eyes wide open at 4.30am, gratitude before my feet hit the floor, warm lemon water, a killer F45 workout, sunrise on the beach plugging in and chatting with my soul, usually some snapchatting sharing my daily download and beautiful morning views, and then it's off home for brekkie and a stretch before starting the working day.

I don't take my rituals lightly - in fact I don't even let my partner join me for sunrise because that morning meditation time is so important to me. It anchors me in the way nothing else can. It grounds me whilst simultaneously sees me ascending into the heavens, getting high on mother nature's magic.

Because here's the thing; We ARE our rituals.They bind together to tell the story of our life, our values, our desires and our vision for ourselves.

They are the container within which we do our part of the work of co-creation; working alongside the universe to do what we are here to do. Whilst the universe is there alongside us, generously channeling the guidance, wisdom, knowledge and strength we need to participate in life, we still need to show up for it and do the physical work. We still need to be the vessel, the meat suit, that actions that guidance and utilises that strength. And without rituals, we are totally leaving that part to chance. We are showing the universe that we are willing to be careless about our role and the work we have to do, because ultimately we don't care enough about it. We don't value our contribution, nor do we value the gifts and power that the universe is trying to deliver through us. And that not only doesn't serve the lives of others, but it surely doesn't serve yours.

So if life isn't feeling the way you want it to feel right now, take a look at your daily habits and rituals.

Do they align with who you want to be, or who you don't want to be?

The change has to start there, with what you do every single day. You can't expect something to change in your life if you always do what you've always done. So make today the day you choose differently -

What is one ritual you can start today (and show up consistently for from now on) that is completely aligned with the person you want to be in the world??

And remember - we are all a work in progress. There will always be more than you can do or things you can change - what's important is that you choose to keep moving forward anyway, and that you start today.

Big love,

Tara xx