My favourite pumpkin recipes on the web

autumn Autumn was a season I never really quite appreciated until I lived in Canada. Walking to and from my house with warm and crisp leaves lining the track as mother nature prepared for yet another exquisite snowy winter. It’s safe to say that autumn for me looks very different right now, and whilst yes, I realise that Autumn kicked in a whole month ago, up here in NQ it has only just been in the last week or two that the weather has shown any reprieve from the heat. Finally, a cool breeze with the rising and setting of the sun means I can finally enjoy tea outdoors now without breaking into a sweat! Hallelujah! I absolutely adore winter up here, and appreciate it even more now that I have survived my first NQ summer. The temperature is just perfect and the weather brings everyone outside for glorious outdoor midday bbqs, and I can finally wear jeans again (soon)! Oh, the little things!

But one of my favourite things about the season has to be the mass amount of pumpkin recipes that seem to grace the web! Pumpkin is one of my favourite things ever and it is not odd to find at least 2 large pumpkins in shopping basket, and a bowl of cooked pumpkin always in my fridge for a quick snack or for a salad.


So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite pumpkin recipes on the web, for all you pumpkin heads who want to mix up your pumpkin repertoire and take a break from the standard pumpkin chips, mash or roast! But be warned; they are almost all sweet and oh so delicious!


Here are the pumpkin recipes that have me drooling:



PUMPKIN PIE CHIA PUDDING - By Alice Nicholls at The Whole Daily

There's just something about pumpkin, maple and mixed spice that makes my mouth water! This is the perfect breakfast (or dessert) and I'm sure it would work well as a warm chia pudding as well.



PUMPKIN PANCAKES  - By Zoe Davis and posted on I Quit Sugar

Now these are some serious pancakes! I put coconut yoghurt on mine, instead of the ricotta, and they were sooo good!


pumpkhum-450x340PUMPKIN HUMMUS - By I Quit Sugar

Homemade seed crackers with a thick layer of pumpkin hummus on top - absolutely divine! Steer clear of those pre-made dips at the supermarket - it is so incredibly easy to make your own!

AMAZING-creamy-Vegan-Pumpkin-Pie-Ice-Cream-10-ingredients-simple-methods-SO-delicious-vegan-pumpkin-fallVEGAN PUMPKIN PIE ICE CREAM - By Minimalist Baker

Ok, so you probably just fell off your chair at the sight of this one, right? How good does it look? I personally haven't made it yet, but it's too good not to share. I will be replacing the brown sugar with some maple or brown rice syrup, but when I make it you will most certainly hear about it!


pumpkin-porridgeQUINOA PUMPKIN PORRIDGE - By The Detoxinista

The best thing about cool mornings is getting to have a warm breakfast! I love making pumpkin porridge and often make it with quinoa (like the recipe), brown rice or oats, and throw in some chia and walnuts if I have them.


raw-pumpkin-pie-cheesecakeRAW PUMPKIN PIE CHEESECAKE - By Nutrition Stripped

I have to say that the pumpkin pie I had for thanksgiving in Canada was bloody incredible, but this raw beauty looks like it is going to be a new winner! The recipe says to use canned organic pumpkin puree, but I'm assuming I don't need to tell you how easy it is to make your own.


Acai-Berry-Pumpkin-Bowl-2ACAI BERRY PUMPKIN BOWL - By Cooking with a Wallflower

Last but not least, this is not something I thought I was going to find when looking for pumpkin recipes! But being the adventurous gal that I am, I will always try anything once! Have a you ever had pumpkin in your acai bowl?




What's your favourite way to include pumpkin into every meal of the day? Are you a pumpkin sweet treat fan or do you prefer your savoury styles? Let me know below, and let's spread the pumpkin love! If you know a mate that would love these recipes, share it around and pop on over and let these amazing recipe creators know that you dig their eats!


Peace, love and pumpkin,


T xx