Why I'm stepping away from the Feed Me brand

We are always becoming. Growing. Morphing into something else, changing shapes, taking new breaths and correcting our stance.

Always inching closer and closer to a more accurate incarnation of our true self. Our soul.

One of my favourite things to do is go back and read my journal from a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. The impermanence is real, the change is free-flowing and it’s so refreshing. Our values stay the same, but new truths are constantly revealing themselves. The cycle of curiosity, experience, learning, growing then sharing it with others, is on constant repeat; we are never done. How fucking awesome is that?!

And it's this very truth of constant growth and evolution that has pulled me into the decision to slowly move away from the Feed Me brand and now share my work with you under my own name (the blog will slowly make the transition soon).

It feels right, it feels juicy, and it feels like the perfect free-flowing, always expanding, never-constricting container for me to serve you and share everything my spirit calls me to.

This space is and always will be the home of all my adventures in personal growth and how they relate to you and your own unique journey, to help inspire you, uplift you and forever ignite that inner fierce within you that sees you in awe of your own greatness. It's a pretty rad place to be. But it's about to get a whole lot more REAL. Yep, I want to use this space to get even more raw, deep, vulnerable and connected with you - because more than ever, I feel it's so necessary. Because here's the thing..

I just won't stand for a life where I can't MOVE you on a deep level to recognise your brilliance, at every opportunity I have...

I won't stand for a platform crafted by me, that fails to go deeper than fear allows...

And I won't stand for a tribe that doesn't get the real and honest truth about all things personal growth, self-love, discomfort, expansion, daring dreams and soul connection.I just won't have it.

So let me use this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being here, THANK YOU for being you, and THANK YOU in advance for opening your heart to all the raw and real truths heading your way. I hope it triggers some serious self-exploration and countless 'fuck-yeah moments' in your fierce, feminine and love-fuelled existence!

Peace xx