How NOT to kill your ideas before you even start

"Once I have my shit sorted, I’ll be able to start..” said every dreamer, every week for as long as she can remember.

Compulsive Planners are killing millions of dreams and ideas every day. Their weapons of choice: Violent procrastination. Hesitation. Excessive use of day planners and colour coded schedules that are never looked at. And my favourite: The to-do list that is never actioned. The killings are absolutely brutal; scenes that would make you cry. And I know all of this how? Well, I regularly get to see behind the tape. As both the coach to many compulsive planners, and as the murderer myself.

Yep, I’ve killed many ideas in my short 29 years of life. Running around them in circles, week in week out, suffocating them with my need to get it ‘just right’, or get every inch of clarity out of them before I can finally set them free into the world, then realising all I’ve done is ruined them completely. I’ve wreaked havoc through the halls of my dreams countless times filled with raging perfectionism, self-doubt and potent limiting beliefs. Yep, I’m human. And old habits die hard, and the urge still kicks in every now and then when I find myself smashing up against my upper limit and trying to conquer new personal growth territory. This actually makes me incredibly happy, because it reaffirms for me just how devoted I am to living the life I want - one where I am constantly pushing my own boundaries and excelling past my belief systems. It’s these fear-based challenges popping up here and there that remind me I’m living the limitless life I’ve always dreamed of.

Everyday I choose to shine a light on the fears at hand, and step forward from my heart. I choose to harness every tool on my tool belt designed for good, not evil, and use my fierce stubbornness and commitment towards amplifying my dreams instead of running them into the ground. And it’s this very process that has seen me not just avoid killing my ideas over the last few years, but see them grow, flourish and blow me away.

And so from one ex-serial dream killer to a hopeful other, I want to share with you a few standout commandments I choose to live my life by these days, that never fail to keep me moving forward:

  1. I cull like a mad woman.

Ideas, dreams, notes, to-do’s.. Slice and dice baby. If it’s not inspiring me 10x anymore, I’m hitting the delete button. If my soul hasn’t guided me back to it for months, it’s obviously not where I’m meant to be heading right now and that is OK. Release with love - it frees up the mental space and energy to go hard with what really sets your heart on fire, and crushes overwhelm and procrastination like nothing else.

  1. Learn to love your mess.

As much as a clear space, organised list and polished plan is electrifying for your spirit, I also know that resisting the mess and placing heaps of emphasis on my “need” to clear it before I can start or press publish is a huge act of self-sabotage for me. So I’ve experimented with learning to swim in the mess. Practicing being a strong swimmer, and keep swimming even when the water is not clear. It takes a mega bout of willingness and it’s mega uncomfortable at first, but it’s pretty empowering. Plus, all the really good ideas and dreams out there were totally created from a cafe napkin, buried desk or disorganised notebook anyway, right?

  1. Don’t delay discomfort. It delays the dream. Instead, dare to desire it.

I’m a keen advocate for knowing your core values. Personal Growth is pretty high on my list, and so whilst I recognise the role and value of discomfort, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly shitty for me like it is for you. But guess what - I've discovered that putting it off and cheating my way out of it, either through food, social media or mega resistance, actually delays my dream too. It puts that big, passionate, fiery dream of mine two days further away with every two days I delay my discomfort. So now, like a bandaid, I welcome it and get it over and done with, usually by deciding on the one action step that will get me to the other side the fastest. If that means sending that email I don’t want to send by hitting ‘enter’ and running away from the computer like a little girl, then so be it. It might hurt more, but it’s done in a flash. The sooner I can move past the discomfort, the sooner I get to lock hands with my dream. If your dream or idea has enough emotional charge behind it, this might be a winner for you too.


Tell me, what idea or dream will you intentionally devote to NOT butchering this week with fear-based thoughts and actions? Everything begins with a heart-fuelled declaration and fierce intention - your journey starts here babe. Fill me in using the comments below xx