Perspective: Life through love-stained glass

What lens are you working with right now?

The one that helps you see every circumstance in your life as an excuse to play the victim - where everything is happening ‘to you’? Or have you taken the initiative to change the lens and see the world through love-stained glass?

Because you know it’s all perspective, right?

I believe that every experience, circumstance or occurrence in our life holds deep purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to teach us something, sometimes it’s to remind us how to lighten up and have fun, and other times it’s for a purpose that is not our responsibility to know of.

But regardless of the purpose, it is all designed to support you in strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. Every moment, every life event, every decision - designed to keep you in training at the school of YOU.

So ditch the ‘Why me?’ mentality and get your love lens on..

How are your current circumstances training you right now in strengthening your relationship to yourself?

How is life asking you right now to go deeper, to go inward, to fall in love with every bit of who you are?

And more importantly, will you say 'yes'?