Releasing the guilt that comes with the 'should'


Tara We've all been there. Stuck in that deep valley of thought where we find ourselves trapped by our indecisiveness, unable to commit to that inner voice telling us to follow our gut and lead with our intuition, because the ego has pulled the 'should' card and the guilt has already started to set in.


"I don't really feel like doing much today, I would love a sleep in... But you're in a new city for just a couple of days and others would kill to be in your shoes right now. You really SHOULD go out there and make the most of your day."




"I would love to do that job every day, it's right up my alley! But that would mean taking a massive pay cut so I probably SHOULD stick with my corporate gig that pays the bills."


Sound familiar?


This 'should' word is a real doosy! "I should be doing this, I should be doing that..." Says who?? Because from where I'm standing, I'm the only one sitting here and it's my own head that's doing all the talking!


Recently I've had a few 'should' moments, and every time they were dished up with a hefty side of guilt. And the occasional people-pleaser in me hates nothing more than feeling guilty for possibly inconveniencing others, or doing something which my future self might not approve of. But here's the thing..


When did my present self become second on the list of people who deserve to be happy?


Guilt is so often the thing that pulls us back. Stops us from taking that next step and living large, and keeps us playing small and safe. But any big believer and dreamer will tell you that not only does this keep the big dreams just out of reach, but there is actually nothing to feel guilty about!


We are in charge of our own happiness. We have the power to create a life of joy, fulfilment and love and we can all choose to feel empowered. Empowered to put those dreams into the world and act on them. Live a life full of self-love, and make choices which nourish us and nurture us on all levels. Without our own happiness, how will we ever pass on that light to those around us?


So next time guilt rears it's ugly head in your day, take a minute to reflect on this. Your happiness allows you to give yourself completely to those around you. To deny yourself of that happiness would be doing them an injustice. Now, that's something you might feel guilty about!


So go on, release the guilt. Set yourself free. And delete 'should' from your vocabulary. It will do you wonders!


Big Love x