Romance: Slow dancing with your soul

I believe life moves through cycles and flows, and the one I'm in right now is full of romance.

A romance with my most ingrained weaknesses.

A romance with my heart's deepest longings.

A romance with everything I allow my soul to be awakened to.

It's been brutal at times, yet insatiably gratifying. I feel like I'm slow dancing with contrast, playing with intrigue and underneath it all, so open to love.

I've been sharing and preaching about the significance of having a fierce relationship with yourself for some time now. But what if we took this relationship to the new level of romance?

Where we acknowledged the mystery and recognized those moments that take us out from the everyday norm?

Where we danced with emotions, set the table for our darkest days, and watched along fondly with a whole lot of heart?

In these moments of bonding, I'm finding the sweet whispers of love and courage feel more and more at home. The fight becomes non-existent, time slows down and everything is cherished. Even the moments of loneliness and confusion come with a sweet side of jazz. Bittersweet..

I heard Kute Blackson say today, "I don't have to change what is, I just need to change my relationship to what is." And my body suddenly stood up straight. Yes. Our relationship to EVERYTHING is the source of our power, our greatest gift and most valuable tool. And to make it one of romance... Well, I think that may just take it to a whole new level. 

T xx