To Experience, Explore, Experiment - The Root of our Purpose

qg2 There has been some crazy, wild energy circling me ever since I launched my ebook on the May new moon. As though her birth served as a huge release; a pop of the cork on the champagne bottle of my life, and the sweet, bubbly juice of my existence is ready to be unleashed and set free. I need not fully understand it or know what it all means just yet, to know that it is both a potent and fragile energy. It feels bold, yet peaceful. Loud, yet soothing. The last few weeks have been quite a ride to say the least.

Questions, answers, highs and lows. Success, failure, confusion and clarity.

Each serving me to their highest degree, begging to be experienced. Explored. Experimented with. And rightly so, for isn’t that why we are here in the first place?

To Explore. Experience. Experiment.   THIS, I have never been more certain of.


With the start of a new season, came the start of a new stage of growth. Personal growth. Spiritual growth. Mental and emotional growth. Every part of my being feels like it is expanding, into newfound space recently acquired with the release of projects, emotions, commitments that no longer served me.

My heart has been pouring into the further exploration of my chakras, archetypes and perception of self-responsibility. Self-enquiry has been soaring at new heights, each day a new discovery. A permanent state of awe and wonder accompanies me as I completely surrender to new teachers and healers. My heart feels full, rich and guided.

My body has been experimenting with new challenges, new foods and new routines (5am wake ups are so not happening right now!). Choosing to follow my body’s lead when the mind feels differently is always a moment to moment practice.

And my mind has been experiencing what feels like a cyclone of ideas, thoughts, visions and questions that leave me feeling possessed in the hours it takes to release them all onto a fresh white page. Hours upon hours, all up in my head - my mind begging for a break. Meditation, painting and music always bringing me back down into my heart when I need.

And through this journey of heightened growth in the last few weeks (that have felt like a few years), there have been a few stand out reminders, that may just so happen to serve as little reminders for you too. For no time ever passes us by without sharing a nugget of wisdom or two, to help us unlock what is yet to come.


Growth is not a one night stand. It is a marriage, a commitment, a devotion - to spending your life constantly cracking open another layer of a babushka doll, knowing full well that you will never reach the middle. There will always be another layer to remove, another discovery to make, another version of you to bring out of the darkness and into the light. How fast or slow you go is your call. Take it at your own time.

Self-discovery. It’s all a daring girl desires, and everything a daring girl resists. Desire and resistance // twins separated at birth. Same DNA, living on different ends of the spectrum. Bring them both to the party and let them dance - they will show you which way to go next.

To be daring is not just to dream and do. Often, it is simply to feel. Like feeling frustration as you curse your daring soul because it is leading you in a direction that wasn’t part of THE PLAN. And then surrendering to the feeling that was never meant to exist, as you lean in with courage and faith. That right there is an adventure in itself.

Forgiveness takes balls. Like realising you haven’t kept some of your promises to yourself this year. And consciously swapping guilt for unwavering gratitude, if only for the realisation itself, and the fact that it is a perfect day for a new beginning.


It’s through these discoveries, that I know I truly LIVED these past few weeks. I experienced each and every moment for what it had to offer. I explored each consequence, each feeling and each moment of growth. And I remained light and buoyant through it all, as I lived each moment wearing my mindset of experimentation. Trusting each moment as another daring opportunity and a dance with the unknown. A chance to learn, play and GROW.

That, to me, is to live.

The actual circumstances, events, and occurrences of the last few weeks seem to be completely irrelevant. They were simply vehicles for a wider state of being and a heightened state of growth. Simply a physical form form for the spiritual messages being delivered.


The next time you look back at the big moments that you felt, saw, lived and breathed, last week, yesterday or even today - I want you to ask yourself:

Did I experience it? Did I give myself permission to explore it’s deepest and darkest corners? Did I perceive it for what it was - simply one of life’s experiments? A test, a daring opportunity, a play with the unknown?

Because if we strip back all that we claim to desire, dream and strive for in this lifetime - at the core of it all is a passion to explore, experience and experiment. It is undoubtedly why we are here in the first place. And to miss out on the richest of opportunities to do so, because we are blinded by the package it comes in, is such a very awful shame.

So I dare you today - to explore, experience and experiment. In the way your heart beats for, in the direction your mind is curious about, and as the daring soul you know you are. Give yourself permission to dive deep into life and expand as you soak up it’s power. You are the only one standing in your way.

TELL ME // What will you give yourself permission to explore, experience or experiment with this week? What is your heart yearning for? What are you yet to completely embrace? I'd love to ride the journey with you in the comments below. 

Until next time,

Peace x