Seek and Thrive Vs. Seeking to Survive

The seeker spirit highway; Where new experiences and insight meet and greet as they pass each other in different directions, ready to amplify and enhance the worlds that exist on either end. On one end stands your spirit; the curious cat eager to explore the endless topics, interests, places and people that sit on the other side. Our minds convincing us that if only we could conjure up the courage to propel ourselves down that highway towards all that we seek, we might just be able to return with a deeper sense of who we are. Your thoughts go something like..

Perhaps that overseas trip might finally help me feel whole again.

Or perhaps that new business venture might finally make me feel worth something.

Or perhaps that new workout or diet might finally help me feel that confidence I’ve been lacking.

Without a doubt, my own life experiences as a seeker have shown me countless times that this outward-focused journey to self-discovery can work very well; exploration of our curiosities will always bring us closer to ourselves, whether it be in the form of a new insight or the release of an old one.

But whilst this analogy fuels the romanticised dreaminess and wonder of all that it means to be a seeker (I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to travel or try something new), it also puts your first move off the starting block waaay out there, as something you need to attain, experience or reach in order to begin an exploration that ultimately will lead you back inwards. It feels like the really long way of going about getting to know yourself, right?

Well, what if we turned things around?

Instead of seeking to experience the world in it's magnificence so we can know more about ourselves, what if we first became a seeker of ourselves so we can ultimately experience the world in it's magnificence?

What if we gave ourselves permission to channel just as much curiosity, intrigue and enthusiasm into having an intimate and delicious relationship with ourselves, as we do for everything else around us?

Would we actually then have the confidence, self-worth and self-belief that we actually need to say yes to the 9 out of 10 things we would previously have been too afraid to act on?

Would we actually then start BEING a seeker who lives her curiosities, instead of one who is just damn good at dreaming about them?

Yes. Yes you would. Which is exactly why I’ve made it my mission to help women do this. To actually kickstart that killer relationship with themselves and channel their seeker spirit in a way that actually helps you DO the shit you dream. And that killer relationship is the one you have with your own spirit. The same seeker spirit that craves all these magical parts of life.

Because whilst you can acknowledge the ravenous, hungry beat of your heart for the most daring, intriguing and life-changing experiences that keep you up all night.. You’ll only ever act on the ones you feel your are worthy of in that moment.

I know this because I’ve been a seeker my whole life, and as I’ve spent my life following the breadcrumbs of curiosity towards the life I want to live, and those tiny golden pieces of wisdom have slowly inched me closer to understanding who I am; I can say with an exposed and honest heart that it was not until I decided to truly devote to the relationship I have my with myself, that I began to actually live, act on and embody all that I sought.

All that I have ever dreamed of achieving, being, and doing only began manifesting when I anchored into my spirit and caressed her desire for some love. When I began feeding her with the worthiness, love and respect she was lacking, so that she could finally feel fuelled and well fed enough to push me into action. No longer seeking to survive, my spirit was now free to seek and thrive.

Every single day I am feeding my own spirit, and teaching others how to do the same. Ultimately for one reason; so we can be more loyal to her, than our fears, and therefore DO all the epic cool shit our spirits demand of us, instead of leaving them on a bucket list somewhere for us to find when we’re too old to tie our shoelaces. How you feed your spirit will be different to how I feed mine, and the only way to know how is to say yes to marrying the most important person in your life - your spirit.

So here’s what I want you to do; I want you to get intimate with your spirit. Take her out for dinner and ask her how she likes to be loved. Pay attention to when she feels the most excited, enthusiastic and energised. Talk to her with love and affection at every chance you get. Be gentle on her when she is in need of some rest. Be honest and open with her at every opportunity.

You two are in it for the long haul; know that this relationship is marathon, not a race. Practice with persistence and loving intention. You’re the only one who can treat her right, you know. Step up and she’ll never let you down.

Big love,

Tara x