What are you doing with your Inner Fierce?

How is it that we can look at something so expansive, powerful and extraordinary as Mother Nature, and still somehow believe that we are in charge?

That we somehow get to decide how we will burn her, abuse her, steal from her and rule over her, without her blinking an eye-lid?

I know how.. By truly not looking at her at all.

Instead of seeing her as the mother of all things, the mother of us, our gaze is directed at all the 'stuff'. The 'noise'. The internal chaos that is our mind and the unnecessary, over-complicated and irrelevant shit that we convince ourselves is more important.

We watch the sunset in movies more than in our backyards.

We watch our bank accounts go up and down more than we watch the tides go in and out.

We watch our perception of life shift between different shades of grey instead of watching the dark sky be lit up with stars like magic.

We have so far to go to fix the mess we have made, but each step in the right direction can be so simple, if only we decide to be willing. All we have to do is open our eyes. Shift our focus to what's important (for humanity) instead of what's urgent (for us personally).

Because there will always be something that feels more urgent than the state of mother nature. But there will never be anything more important. Not even ourselves.

I have and always will be a fierce advocate for self-love, self-worth, self-care, and every other self-focused intention designed to help us have a better relationship with who we are, and lead extraordinary lives. However, we must never lose sight of what that fierce relationship and extraordinary life is for. Service.

Giving back to the universe that so generously put us here.

Being of service to the other humans, animals and plants that co-inhabit this space.

Sharing our gift with the world, in whatever form that may take.

Because having a fierce relationship with yourself is no longer enough. At some point, you must ask yourself – what will I choose to do with it?

How will I leave this earth better than it was?

How will I love myself so fiercely, that I have an abundance of love to give to others and mother nature alike?

How can I use this inner strength, peace and love to shift my mindset from ‘otherness’ to ‘oneness’?

How you do it and what it looks like is up to you. But the ‘when’ can start right now if you are truly willing.

Will you join me?

Big love,

Tara x