Soul Productivity

What if you measured your day's productivity by how much time you spent with your soul?

By how DEEP the two of you went that day?

By how much discomfort you felt?

By how many deep breaths it took for you to hear her intently?

I call this Soul Productivity. You can't tick this shit off a to-do list. You can't Instagram it. And you certainly can't do it whilst multi-tasking.

But with my full heart, I know and believe that it makes you the most productive beast around.

It gives each moment, decision and action you take, a RICHNESS that only comes from sacred guidance. A richness that acts like a magnet that attracts the conversations, opportunities and flow that you need to go next level. And when you get there, there's no fucking around. There's no indecisiveness around whether or not you should be there, there's no questioning your place or procrastinating on misaligned ideas.

Shit gets real. And shit gets done. But only if and when your soul has been busy getting real and getting shit done FIRST.

If prioritizing the fierce relationship you have with yourself is still feeling hard or you're resisting it big time, then congratulations. You're human and your ego is doing its job protecting you - because a soul-led life is definitely something to be feared. It has the potential to raise your spirits, stretch your existence and grow your contribution. Heck, it may even cause a spike in love, success and abundance.

Can you handle that??

T xx